Wine Tasting Hackathon: New Way of Social Wine Discovery

Our second team wine tasting yesterday felt like a family reunion.

Sommeliers and wine bloggers from Toronto and Montreal flew or drove in to join those from the east to west ends of Ottawa.

Oct 5 2014 knThere was an instant camaraderie among those gathered here who recognized each other as fellow contributors to our online community.

What I admire most about these reviewers is that although they have sterling wine credentials and training, they keep it real and conversational — with an effort to connect, not to impress.

Oct 5 2014 dn2

The tasting also struck me as the wine version of a hackathon.

In the tech world, top-notch computer coders will gather to solve a software issue to benefit others (not to be confused with bad hacks done privately to spread malware).

These sessions last for several hours (or longer) in what’s called a hackathon.

Oct 5 2014 dn1Our goal?

To find great wines at reasonable prices for wine lovers, and just as important, to share those reviews as widely as possible via social media.

Oct 5 2014 dn
There have been more than 800 reviews posted already (more to come) and almost as many shares on Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

Oct 5 2014 lr

We didn’t just fix a problem; together we also created a new platform for social wine discovery.

Let’s drink to that!


Oct 5 2014 kn1

Oct 5 2014 lr1

Here are all of the wines reviewed during this tasting. You can see the videos and reviews from our first wine tasting here.


Sparkling Wines


White Wines–deux-menage-a-trois/208365


Rose Wines


Red Wines–deux-cabernet-sauvignon/208347





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