What’s Minerality in Wine? Plus California Wildfires



What it minerality mean when it comes to wine? Is it a taste? A feeling? Or some bogus concept meant to keep wine mysterious? What’s the latest with the devastating wildfires in Sonoma wine country? Why are winemakers wary of cannabis producers? It’s not what you might think. And what is a new wine group doing to help with a balanced life?

On today’s episode of Unreserved Wine Talk, I’m taking a deep dive into the controversial concept of minerality, assessing the impact of recent wildfires on California wine country, discussing the controversy between cannabis producers and winemakers and sharing a resource I recently found for helping you live a balanced life as a wine lover. Enjoy!



  • What impact has the Kincade Fire had on Sonoma County?
  • How will that affect the wines we drink in the future?
  • Why were most of the Sonoma grapes safe from the fire?
  • Which of the Sonoma wineries were affected by the Kincade Fire?
  • How does the Kincade Fire compare to the 2017 Tubbs Fire?
  • How important is California as a wine region?
  • What caused these devastating wildfires?
  • How can you support wineries impacted by the Sonoma wildfires?
  • Where can you support victims of the California wildfires?
  • Should cannabis producers be allowed to use wine appellations?
  • How is cannabis added to wine?
  • What effects should you expect to feel from drinking cannabis-infused wine?
  • How does your biology affect your experience with cannabis?
  • What do you need to know about soil and wine?
  • Why do geologists say you can’t taste minerals from the soil in your wine?
  • What are you experiencing when wine is described as having great minerality?
  • How is wine affected when you add rocks into the fermenting process?
  • Does geology influence grapes and wine?
  • How do you define minerality?
  • How is wine the ultimate chameleon?
  • Why is it important for you to think about how to live a healthy and balanced life with wine as part of it?
  • How can A Balanced Glass help you live a balanced life when abstinence from wine is not an option?
  • What are some simple tips you can use to keep your wine consumption in balance?




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