Kim Crawford Wine Pairs Well with Milestones and Birthdays

Kim Crawford Man at Table Reading label July 16, 2015By Melissa Pulvermacher

A 25th birthday should be celebrated with several bottles of wine and a great dinner. That’s exactly how the summer-long festivities began for Milestones at their Dundas Square location in Toronto, with General Manager André Barrett, Head Chef Jason Rosso and Kim Crawford’s New Zealand Portfolio Director Matthew Deller.

Kim Crawford 3 men standing July 16, 2015As expected, Rosso hit it out of the park immediately with a table full of Crab Salad Crostini, Crispy Halibut Tacos and Mini Spinach Dip Taco Bowls.

The food was on the table, but a great meal needs wine pairings to take it to the next level. Matt Deller, Master of Wine Candidate, flew in from New Zealand to guide the team through Kim Crawford’s classics.

Kim Crawford Food July 16, 2015We’ve all heard of KC, but I don’t know that everyone has taken the time to appreciate the wines beyond their affordable price tag and overall accessibility.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that KC practises 100% sustainability in the vineyard and in their winemaking, according to Matt Deller: “It’s about leaving our land the way we found it and protecting it to not only grow pristine grapes, but to make sure it can do so well into the future.”

Some of the sustainability practices include using sheep in the vineyard for leaf plucking, and prohibiting the use of fungal sprays and planting native flowers. Here are my reviews of the wines we tasted.Kim Crawford Sauv Blanc Bottle July 16, 2015


The classic Sauvignon Blanc is the #1 selling SB in the LCBO and always delivers in consistency, freshness and value.


Kim Crawford Pink Bottle Shot July 16, 2015



The Pansy Rosé, made from Merlot, has a watermelon and strawberry fruitiness to it with a dry, clean finish.



Kim Crawford Pinot Noir Bottle Shot July 16, 2015



The 2013 Pinot Noir is young and fresh. Dominated with fresh cherry and primary fruit notes and is easy-drinking with intentional simplicity.


Kim Crawford Pasta dish July 16, 2015Although this party was all about the classics, Rosso’s Mini Smoked Chicken Bucatini Carbonara and Roasted Carved Beef Tenderloin main dishes were anything but ordinary. With a side of truffle macaroni and cheese, I propose that we all schedule in 25th birthdays every single day of the summer.

Kim Crawford Dinner Plate July 16, 2015I knew Rosso wouldn’t disappoint, but I was beyond pleased to taste some of Kim Crawford’s wines that are yet to be released in the LCBO.
Kim Crawford White Wine Bottle Shot July 16, 2015


The 2011 Spitfire Sauvignon Blanc was a pleasant surprise. The KC vineyard is divided into 120 blocks all based on flavour profile. This wine is made from only 2 of the best concentrated blocks. Seductively aromatic with extreme minerality, a silky blouse to the texture and a deep, gooseberry and chamomile palate.



Kim Crawford Wine Bottle July 16, 2015


And finally, the 2013 Pinot Gris was my wine pick for the evening. This felt like a hidden gem. Fresh pear spice and green apple on the nose with a tropical fruit character on the palate, followed with an oily textural component coating the mouth on the finish. This wine paired with the sweet peas and bacon in the Carbonara was worth celebrating on its own.


You can visit your nearest Milestones restaurant to taste the Pinot Gris which is being featured on the summer wine list. You already know what to order… and you’re welcome.

Happy Birthday Milestones – you’re worth celebrating!


Melissa PulvermacherAbout Melissa Pulvermacher
Melissa Pulvermacher is an inspired wine enthusiast educated through The Wine & Spirit Education Trust.

Melissa is an active feature columnist with Natalie MacLean and writer for her own website – Recipes and Red Wine.

In addition to her writing, Melissa acts as a Sommelier, a freelance wine consultant and founder of The Vino Enthusiasts Wine Club in Southern Ontario.






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