Why Uber Taxi is Good for Wine Drinkers

UberCall it what you want: the taxi version of Air B&B, ride sharing, or transport company, but Uber is changing the way we get from place to place.

I’ve been using it for a month and recommend it, especially for those of us who love wine.

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Better to download the app now rather than when you actually need it (and are all thumbs ;)

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– If you’ve had one too many glasses of wine, it’s of deadly importance not to drive.

– Yes, Uber is cheaper than regular taxis, and that’s compelling, but it’s not the main reason I use the service.brokenwinebottle small

– It’s easier to request an Uber car than it is a regular taxi: once you download the app, you just tap to get a car. You’re not phoning and explaining where you are as that’s done via GPS in the app.

– You can also input your destination in the app and so there’s also no explaining to the driver how to get there. You can request a fare estimate in advance.

– You can see your car approaching on a map and get an alert when it’s arrived, so you can stay inside your friend’s house or the restaurant, rather than waiting outside. This is especially useful when attending a wine tasting or event where you want to stay as long as you can.

– No more cash and receipts: you input your credit card and that’s it. You get an e-mailed receipt after the drive, which makes business trips easier when doing expenses.

– If some or all of these factors make you more likely not to drink and drive, then that’s my definition of a (non) killer app.

My tips on using Uber:

– I’ve tried all levels of the service including the most basic UberX. There are concerns about safety as these cars aren’t regulated to pass inspections or have insurance like regular taxis do. However, my experience has been positive with these cars so far though they can be small.

– All drivers are rated by all passengers: you can’t request your next ride without rating your last driver, which takes 3 seconds to click on one of 5 stars. So you can request a ride, see the rating of the driver and cancel if you wish, though all drivers I’ve requested have had 4 stars or higher.

– Cities where Uber is relatively new, like Ottawa, only offer one other tier for service for now: UberXL. You get a larger car, like a SUV or van, though it’s not necessarily a luxury car. I select this option because I’m tall.

– In Toronto, I’ve tried Uber Select, which is a luxury car like a BMW. It’s very, very pleasant and still less expensive than a limo. Be warned though that for this tier and above, cars are not always available, so start trying early to request one.

– Uber Black is full-fledged limo service. It is definitely more expensive than a regular taxi, but you are getting luxury. Sometimes, when Uber Black drivers aren’t busy, they’ll take an Uber Select request and you pay only the Uber Select price.

– I also tried Uber Taxi in Toronto, which is a regular taxi at regular taxi rates, but you’re using the Uber app to request it rather than standing on a street corner trying to flag a car.

Crowdsourced transportation services and private taxi driving concept.Next Up:

– Uber offers Uber Eats in Toronto and other cities. They’re deliver your lunch to you in less than 20 minutes from a variety of take-out places whose menus you can view online.

– Uber can’t be stopped, but the playing field has to be leveled for regular taxis: Uber cars should have to pass inspection for safety and have insurance. Regular taxis also need to get into the app game.

– Uber is also getting into the courier delivery and cargo business. Of course, Amazon, FedEx and others are looking at how to get into Uber’s business. Google is already there as an investor in Uber.

What’s next? My guess: Uber Drones ;)

Delivery Drone. Digitally Generated Image

It just takes a few minutes to download the app here:


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