Orange Wines, Pairings for Meatless Burgers



This week I’m doing things a bit differently and changing things up with this episode. Today we’re talking orange wine, meatless burgers and keeping it cool in the summer and I’ve taken the best bits from my Facebook live video show and included them here for you.

Is orange the new white? Which wines pair best with meatless burgers? How do you keep your wines cool in the summer heat? I’d love for you to share your questions or comments with me. You can do that right here in the comments below this post or email me at [email protected]. Enjoy!



  • Are orange wines a fad or here to stay?
  • Chatelaine magazine interviewed me about this recently, so I’m sharing my thoughts with you.
  • Which wines to pair with the new meatless burgers?
  • How do you keep your wines cool in the summer heat, especially when dining outdoors?
  • Where did orange wine originate?
  • How is orange wine made?
  • What are the specifications and requirements for Canadian orange wine?
  • What do the opposing arguments say about orange wine and terroir?
  • Who makes orange wines in Ontario?




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Transcript & Takeaways

Welcome to episode 32!

I’m changing things up a bit with this episode. I’ve taken the best bits from my Facebook live video show and included them here for you.

We’re going to chat about the trend of orange wines: is orange the new white?

We’ll also talk about the new meatless burgers from the company Beyond Meat, which I manage to mangle (or should I say grind) as Beyond Beef and Beyond Burgers, but it’s Beyond Meat. I wanted to see which wines paired best with these burgers and if I could drink the same wines as I would with a real beef burger.

Speaking of meat, if you missed last week’s episode number 31 about pairing wine and charcuterie, go back and have a listen. James Beard award-winning author Jennifer McLagan has some fabulous advice about how to prepare a charcuterie board, that selection of cured meats usually served before dinner, and how to pair them with wine.

Finally, in this episode, I chat about gadgets to keep your wines cool at the cottage or in the backyard. Now, this was a lot easier to do on live video as I was posting the links to these items so that viewers could see them.

So I’ve included all of the links to these gadgets in the show notes at for you.

I also ask the Facebook video viewers to post questions and comments on Facebook, and I ask you to do the same, whether it’s in the show notes or just email me directly at [email protected]

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Please say hi in the comments if you join me … I’d love to know you’re there and if you heard about the show through this podcast.

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Well, there you have it! I hope you enjoyed the best bits of the live Facebook video show. If you did, please tell a friend about it, especially one who’s interested in learning more about orange wines, meatless burger pairings and keeping their wines cool. My podcast is easy to find: just search for it on Google — Unreserved Wine Talk, or my name.

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I can’t wait to share more personal wine stories with you.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to this one. I hope something great is in your glass this week!



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