Pairing Wine and Halloween Candy: The Monster Match

Buzz Lightyear and the Wine Witch chat about great wine pairings with Halloween treats on Breakfast Television.

Dina: Just call Natalie MacLean for pairing wine and Halloween treats, she’s an online sommelier and what a brilliant idea. Great to see you all festive Natalie.

Natalie: Great to see you Dina.

Dina: Or as well you are at the door trick-or-treating, the kids are at the door you thinking ‘what’s in it for me?’ We tend to dip into the kids snacks, well I do anyways-

Natalie: Yes!

Dina: A lot of parents do.

Natalie: You bet.

Dina: So you are thinking about pairing the wine with an appropriate treat?

Natalie: Absolutely. It can be done, it’s not so scary. So all you’ve got to think about is that the wine should be sweeter than the candy.

Dina: Treats!

Natalie: It’s just like pairing wine and dessert, so if we start over there with Cave Spring. It’s a late harvest Riesling; meaning the grapes were picked late in the season so the grapes have a lot more sugar in them.

It’s going to go beautifully with Coffee Crisp bars, or toffee; the type of in-between candy that’s not maybe as sweet as a chocolate bar.

Dina: Okay. So, great the toffee I just had or the Coffee Crisp.

Natalie: Up next, we have a Framboise from Ontario. This dessert wine is made from raspberries, so it’s perfect for Starburst candy. Keep in mind that you want to pair the raspberry or strawberry candy, not the lemon … lemon would be a totally different pairing ;)

Dina: Okay!

Natalie: For the lemon Starburst, you might go with the bubbly. But you know, sparkling wine goes beautifully with so many snacks.

Dina: Up next?

Natalie: All right, we’ve got Port, this is a Tawny Port, and with fortified wine, like Port, the alcohol is higher in this the wine than regular table wine.

So you’ve got twenty percent alcohol, therefore something like a Caramilk or Mars bar are going to melt in your mouth.

Dina: Mmm, you’d think anything would go well with a Caramilk or Mars bar, but it’s good to know that’s the best choice.

Natalie: Next, we’ve got Sandeman Port. I chose this just for the spooky label.

Dina: Oh, it’s very appropriate!

Natalie: It is, look at guy he’s called the Don. He’s dressed in cape.

Dina: Dark and brooding and mysterious.

Natalie: Exactly, you don’t know who he is, but the wine inside is very good. It’s ruby Port, again it’s going to melt the chocolate in your mouth. Great for a Tootsie Pop too.

Dina: That’s right, in moderation adults, just like the kids with the treats in moderation.

Natalie: Absolutely.

Natalie: So we’ve also got a cream Sherry, and you know one of my favorite Halloween scary stories was Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Cask of Amontillado.”

Dina: Oh My.

Natalie: The villian traps the victim in the cellar by luring him in there with some Sherry.

Dina: Oh!

Natalie: It’s a great trick ;)

Dina: That’s a good story behind it, as well this if you’re throwing a party that is pretty much like a chocolate bar in a bottle.

Natalie: Exactly, you don’t even need ask what the right pairing is.

Dina: Well, obviously right. You just pour some ice in there and it’s done.

Natalie: Exactly.

Dina: Then you have more fun pairings like …

Natalie: I have Francis Ford Coppola Shiraz and I picked this because he is the director of the movie Dracula.

Dina: Yes.

Natalie: So you know, nice ripe berry wine, it’s terrific with dark chocolate.

Dina: And the Casillero del, how do you say that, Casillero del Diablo?

Natalie: You got it. It translates to “cave of the devil” and it pairs with chocolate, with toffee, with all kinds of sweets; because it’s got that fleshy dark fruit.

Dina: And what goes with the bubbly Natalie?

Natalie: Okay, so this sparkling wine has a bit of sweetness. It’s from Italy and so that Starburst candy would work, or that candy that’s sort of crackles in your mouth.

Dina: Mmmmm.

Natalie: Imagine that with the bubbles, and a touch of sweetness and you’re all set for Halloween by the door.

Dina: Oh, sounds lovely. Go to Natalie to get her free wine newsletter. Well happy trick-or-treating to the parents too; who says it’s just for the kids? Now you can enjoy a beverage with that little treat. Thank you.

Natalie: Thank you Dina.

Posted with permission of BTV.

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