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In this episode of the Unreserved Wine Talk podcast, we’re chatting with Morgan Perry who pairs wine and yoga in her Vino Vinyasa classes. More than marketing or whimsy, it’s actually rooted in a holistic lifestyle philosophy. Enjoy!



  • Why did Morgan decide to pair wine and yoga?
  • What is a yoga vinyasa class experience like?
  • What are vinyasa and shavasana?
  • Why does Morgan believe yoga enhances the wine tasting experience?
  • How has Morgan wine-ified some of the yoga poses for her classes?
  • Are Morgan’s classes tailored to the type of wine being tasted?
  • What are Morgan’s thoughts on the fact that traditionally yogis are advised to avoid alcohol?
  • Do these types of classes work well with other types of alcohol?
  • How does Morgan make her classes accessible for students at all levels?
  • What’s the most interesting feedback Morgan has gotten about her class?
  • Does Morgan teach yoga classes for seniors?
  • Where are Morgan’s classes usually held?
  • Has Morgan ever done a hot yoga wine class?
  • Is the wine and yoga crossover a growing trend?
  • Morgan shares some fun wine and yoga pose matches


About Morgan Perry

Morgan Perry is the founder of Vino Vinyasa Yoga. Morgan’s wine experience started in wine marketing and PR at an agency in New York City, but it wasn’t until she took a trip to Chile that she truly fell in love with wine. She returned to New York and began taking Wine and Spirit Education Trust classes to learn more. She now has her Advanced Certification, which she passed with distinction.

While living in New York, Morgan discovered yoga as a way to relax, de-stress, and stretch her tight muscles that she got from running. (Fun fact, she has run both the Napa to Sonoma and Oregon Wine Country Half Marathons!) After about six years of being a yoga student, Morgan took the next step in her practice and became a certified yoga teacher. It was shortly thereafter that Vino Vinyasa (formerly Yoga Unwined) was born in New York City in early 2017. Morgan now resides in Austin, TX, and offers her signature yoga & wine classes in NYC, Austin, and Los Angeles.




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Transcript & Takeaways

Welcome to episode 25! In today’s episode, we’re chatting with Morgan Perry who pairs wine and yoga in her Vino Vinyasa classes. But before we get started, I want to give a shout out to Lorna in Ottawa emailed about episode 20, which was all about Malbec, to say: “Natalie, I enjoyed this podcast a lot; I learned “new things” about Malbec and learning new things and making discoveries always makes me happy.”

I’m so glad that you enjoyed that episode, Lorna! Malbec does an incredibly fascinating history and incredibly great taste for the money. If you missed episode 20, go back and have a listen.

I’ll continue to give a shout to others who’ve been kind enough to post a review on Apple podcasts, social or email, so if you want me to mention your website or social media handle, please include that in your review, along with your name.

Now, back to this episode. Today’s guest was actually recommended to me by one of my online course students. You’re going to discover whether Cabernet or Shiraz pairs best with the downward dog pose and more. This is more than marketing or whimsy, it’s actually rooted in a holistic lifestyle philosophy. Enjoy!


You can also watch the video interview with Morgan that includes bonus content and behind-the-scenes questions and answers that weren’t included in this podcast.


Wasn’t that terrific?! Here are my takeaways from this discussion:

  1. Love the mind/body integration Morgan uses to teach about wine in her classes. I’m a firm believer that we remember what we learn when we engage all of our senses, which is exactly what I do in my online courses.
  2. It’s clever how she uses cooling poses, when the heart is above the brain, to talk about cool-climate wines.
  3. It’s interesting how many parallels there are between wine and yoga: both ancient traditions, both valuing balance as a core concept, both working with breath, from the breathing on each move for yoga to the inhaling we do to detect wines aromas and the breath out on the finish to get an even keener sense of them.

Just a note that Morgan’s website has since changed from the one she mentions in the podcast. I’ll put a link to the new one in the show notes at, along with her social media handles.

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On next week’s show, I’ll be chatting about wine and war, which is part two of my personal reflections on how wine impacts our culture. If you missed part one, you can listen to it from last week’s episode 24.



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