Wines for Easter Brunch and Passover Dinner

CTV News anchor Natalie Piero an I chat about wines for Easter brunch, Passover and other holiday weekend wines.

Also check out The Essential Hip-Hop Guide to Easter Wines, which includes pairing ham and wine, lamb and wine, vegetables and wine, and chocolate and wine.

Easter chocolate

Posted with permission of CTV News.

Spring Wines for Fish, Shellfish and Seafood

CTV News anchor Natalie Piero and I chat about wines for spring, including those that pair well with both fish and shellfish, as well as those that drink well on their own as an aperitif.


Posted with permission of…

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Easter Wines for Fish, Lamb + Ham: CTV News

Wines for Good Friday fish, Easter brunch, lamb and ham are the focus of our chat on CTV News today. In particular, red wines often clash with fish not because of the wine tannin and fish iodine, as previously thought, but rather because of high iron content in the…