Easter Wines: The Essential Hip-Hop Guide to Earmark

Easter wine

Some of my favourite meals are those we savour to celebrate Easter: fresh asparagus omelets and ham for brunch. But which Easter wines to serve with them?

As a determined hedonist, I like something more than orange juice, thank-you—unless it’s a mimosa. The wines that work best are zesty, mouth-watering and lighter than those we drink in the winter—and they’ll put some spring in your glass.




When the coming of spring heralds warmer weather, we feel like celebrating. One of the best ways is by drinking fresh, vivacious wines that suit the season and complement lighter fare. You can pair these wines with egg dishes for leisurely brunches.

For spring brunches, some wines can work just as well as classic cocktails like mimosas and Bloody Marys. Try a zippy, unoaked white, such as New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.





Eradus Sauvignon Blanc
Awatere Valley, Marlborough, South Island, New Zealand





Its herbal aromas will complement spring dishes and the accompanying seasonal vegetables, such as asparagus, artichokes, wild leeks and sweet peas.

Unoaked chardonnay is another good choice because it’s also light and flavorful without any clashing wood tannins or smoky flavors.

Heavily oaked chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon can clash horribly with the sulfur compounds in egg dishes, making the wine taste flat and metallic.






Domaine Chevallier Chablis 2018
Burgundy A.P., France



Good unoaked picks include chablis from Burgundy and riesling from Germany, Washington or Canada.

Another great choice is sparkling wine, either Champagne from France or sparkling wines from another region, such as Canada, California or Spain.

The swarm of bubbles cleanses and refreshes your palate after a soft-yolk dish coats your mouth. This makes the next bite of your frittata, poached eggs with hollandaise sauce taste even better.

eggs ham and wine

Although white wines usually work better than reds with eggs, dishes that have a savory ingredient can also be paired with light-bodied, smooth-textured reds. With bacon-and-herb omelets or ham quiches, for instance, try pinot noir, gamay or Beaujolais.

This Essential Hip-Hop Guide to Easter Wines includes pairing ham and wine, lamb and wine, vegetables and wine, and of course, chocolate and wine. There’s also kosher wines for Passover, and videos and recipes on these topics.



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