Wine Pairings for NS Lobster, BC Salmon, Alberta Beef

From CTV’s site: Our resident wine expert, Natalie MacLean, stopped by The Social to share Canadian wines that pair perfectly with the hosts’ favourite patriotic goodies.

We had lots of fun pairing the hosts’ favourite Canadian dishes with Canadian wines. Melissa loves Nova Scotia lobster, Traci is a fan of BC salmon, Lani loves beef and Cynthia has a fondness for butter tarts.

Ladies, there’s a wine for that … in fact, many.

Join us on The Social again July 24 when we chat about great wines for dinner parties.


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Burger de porc au FetaPosted with permission of CTV.

Wine Pairings for NS Lobster, BC Salmon, Alberta Beef

Natalie: Hi! I’m Natalie MacLean, editor of Canada’s largest wine review site at Join me on Canada Day because we’re going to talk about some great Canadian wines that go with the grilled grub in your backyard.

For example, if we look to my left we have some terrific sparkling wines. I know that Melissa loves her Nova Scotia lobster and Tracy is a fan of BC salmon. We have some sparkling wines from different regions and even a nice dry Rosé from BC to go with those favourites.

If we keep going toward the middle, we have some big honking red wines for Laney because she loves beef. Where’s the beef, Laney? It’s right here, beside the bottle.

Finally, some sweeties for Cynthia, naturally. She loves her butter tarts and we’ve got some lovely Late Harvest Vidal from Ontario plus an ice cider from Quebec. They will be just gorgeous with butter tarts. Enjoy ladies!

We’re going to have some fun!



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