Favourite Canadian Wines for Canada Day


Last night we talked about our favourite Canadian Wines.

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 The Great Canadian Wine Quiz

canadamapmiddle“Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” is just so yesterday. The hot new new quiz is “Who Wants to be a Canadian Wine Whiz?” Test your vinous savvy with the questions below, then see how you do.

Get fewer than ten correct, and you may want to consider switching to beer. Get between eleven and fifteen right and you’re well on your way to the inner sanctum of the Canadian wine savvy elite. More than sixteen, and you’re always the one who gets handed the wine list in restaurants.

To check your score, look at the bottom of the page for the answers. Also check out the winners of The Great Canadian Wine Match and discover 10 Surprising Facts about Canadian Wine.

Here  are my top Canadian wine reviews to add to your custom shopping wine list. Join us on CBC radio’s drive-home shows today to chat about Canadian wines for Canada Day.

By the way, I know that some of these facts need updating, so feel free to comment below with updated stats and a source to verify them please ;)

Happy Canada Day!


1. Which famous Canadian comedian owns a Canadian winery?

a) Mike Meyers
b) Dan Aykroyd
c) Stephen Harper
d) Rich Little

2. What does VQA stand for?

a) Vintners Question Authority
b) Vineyards Quality Assurance
c) Vintner’s Quality Alliance
d) Vin Que Allemangne

3. The father of Canadian wine is known as:

a) Johann Schiller
b) John Niagara
c) Johnny Grapeseed
d) Gordon Lightfoot

4. Many Canadian winemakers make extensive use of:

a) Oak aging
b) Carbonic maceration
c) Hand harvesting
d) Prozac

5. There are how many wineries in Canada:

a) 2,018
b) 1,112
c) 268
d) 497

6. Le Clos Jordanne winery was a collaboration between:

a) Jackson and Triggs
b) Cher and Madonna
c) McCain and Weston
d) Boisset and Constellation

7. The first commercial winery in Canada opened in:

a) 1866
b) 1889
c) 1936
d) 1975

8. The largest producer of icewine in the world is:

a) Alaska
b) Canada
c) Germany
d) Iceland

9. Approximately what percentage of the current price of wine in Canada is government taxes:

a) 48%
b) 67%
c) 76%
d) 97%

10. Which champion golf pro owns a Canadian winery?

a) Greg Norman
b) Ernie Els
c) Mike Weir
d) Arnold Palmer

11. Which of the following does not belong?

a) Prince Edward County
b) Niagara Peninsula
c) Lake Erie
d) Thunder Bay

12. Which of the following is not a hybrid grape?

a) Baco Noir
b) Vidal
c) Marechal Foch
d) Semillon

13. Grapes for ice wines are picked at which temperature?

a)  Below –8C
b) Below freezing
c) Below 8C
d) A nippy winter night

14. White zinfandel is made from which of the following?

a) Red Zinfandel grapes
b) Blend of Chardonnay and Zinfandel
c) Traditional rosé grapes
d) An industrial pre-mix solution

15. What is noble rot?

a) Grapes are damaged by cold temperatures.
b) When good wine is left in poor storage conditions.
c) A benevolent fungus attacks the grapes which can result in sweet wine but not icewine.
d) When good winemakers go bad.

16. Which hockey player owns a Canadian winery?

a) Mario Lemieux
b) Wayne Gretzky
c) Mark Messier
d) Sidney Crosby

17. Which of these is not a Canadian winery?

a) Dirty Laundry
b) Organized Crime
c) Laughing Stock
d) Vine and Punishment

18. What factor contributes most to the loss of grapes for icewine?

a) predators such as birds and deer
b) mold, mildew and rot
c) government bureaucrats
d) temperatures too warm to harvest

19. Ontario produces what percentage of Canadian wines?

a) 25%
b) 50%
c) 75%
d) 90%

20. Niagara lies on the same latitude as:

a) Bordeaux
b) Burgundy
c) Alsace
d) Champagne


1. (b) Dan Ackroyd
2. (c) Vintner’s Quality Alliance
3. (a) Johann Schiller
4. (c) Hand harvesting
5. (b) 1,112
6. (d) Boisset and Constellation
7. (a) 1866
8. (b) Canada
9. (b) 67%
10. (c) Mike Weir
11. (d) Thunder Bay
12. (d) Semillon
13. (a) Below –8oC
14. (a) Red Zinfandel grapes
15. (c) A benevolent fungus
16. (b) Wayne Gretzky
17. (d) Vine and Punishment
18. (d) temperatures too warm to harvest
19. (d) 90%
20. (a) Bordeaux



Here’s a sampling of our lively discussion from our tasting…

Lori Kilmartin21:27 I just attended the All Canadian Wine Championships Uncork Canada in Picton. They had over 1,200 wines entered and 800+ were from BC. It was a fabulous event
Sam Hauck
Sam Hauck4:50 Greetings from BC where summer has finally arrived. So hard to choose just one, but one of my favourites is always Meyer Family Vineyards McLean Creek Chardonnay and Pinot Noir..
Sam Hauck
Sam Hauck24:46 Just had the great honour to judge in the 2017 BC Lieutenant Governor’s Wine Awards last week. 500 wines competed for 12 awards. Amazing experience.
Lori Kilmartin
Lori Kilmartin29:38 We are taking my 82 and 87 year old parents on a little road trip to Belleville on the Friday/Saturday – but will be home on Saturday in time for local fire works in North Gower and some sparkling wine!
Lori Kilmartin
Lori Kilmartin24:23 Hi Anne – making an annual trip to Prince Edward County this fall – and this year staying at the cottage Rental right at Casa Dea’s Winery. I also just travelled the Virginia Nelson Wine Trail
Lori Kilmartin
Lori Kilmartin3:07 Just had a Perseus from BC on the weekend. My wine group did an “Oh Canada” wine theme tasting at Gwen’s cottage. Loved it!!!
Oenologize25:40 Definitely Benjamin Bridge, Luckett, and Lighthall & Wolfville. Also Blomidon winery. Very impressed with the wines, culture, and people!
Stephen Andrews
Stephen Andrews0:00 I think I will drink a bottle of Queylus Pinot Noir 2013 with a cedar plank salmon. And an assortment of grilled local vegetables on Canada Day. What will everyone else be having?
Lise Charest Gagne
Lise Charest Gagne2:48 Casa Dea Rose Brut, Norman Hardie Unfiltered Pinot Noir, Thirty Bench Triangle Post Riesling, The Grange Cab Franc, and of course in Love with Foreign Affair Dream! So many more high quality delicious wines!
Lori Kilmartin
Lori Kilmartin6:39 On Canada Day I will have to have a sparkling. Just bought a case of Dea’s Cuvée from Casa Dea in PEC so maybe will sabre that in celebration!!
Sam Hauck31:22 Free My Grapes is a movement to remove in-Canada wine restrictions.
Gregory Hughes
Gregory Hughes21:43 Marco piccoli from jackson triggs makes his entourage and i’m in love with it.
Oenologize22:33 I will be travelling to Quebec’s Eastern Townships Ann !
Oenologize21:07 There’s a Great website for Canadian wines: WIne411.ca. They say, >700 wineries!
Rick Scott
Rick Scott6:29 Just opened a great Niagra wine from Colinari estate cab,Sav blend
Oenologize11:51 Hahah, nice! Johann Schiller planted vines in the early 1800’s
Stephen Andrews
Stephen Andrews0:00 According to “Wines of Canada” there are 700 licensed Wineries in Canada. Wow!


Elaine Bruce
Elaine Bruce39:24 Happy Canada Day – Hope you feel better by next weekend
Elaine Bruce
Elaine Bruce39:23 Sorry to miss you live – glad you keep these on for comments. Had a beautiful Pinot Noir from the OK – D’Angelo . Lovely !
Lori Kilmartin
Lori Kilmartin7:57 Vintner’s Quality Alliance
Lori Kilmartin
Lori Kilmartin33:33 Below -8 degrees
Lori Kilmartin
Lori Kilmartin32:00 Mike Weir
Lori Kilmartin
Lori Kilmartin9:40 Beaver Tails and Riesling
Gregory Hughes
Gregory Hughes16:10 Thaaaank you! Gamay is great.
Stephen Andrews
Stephen Andrews29:45 Hidden Bench in Niagara has some good stuff
Sam Hauck
Sam Hauck29:53 Free My Grapes!
Sam Hauck
Sam Hauck20:25 Over 300 inBC alone
Sam Hauck
Sam Hauck5:56 Dan Ackroyd.
Stephen Andrews
Stephen Andrews34:10 Usually below -8 , I think
Gregory Hughes
Gregory Hughes37:43 Ooooooo, Mr. Reif, himself!
Stephen Andrews
Stephen Andrews35:10 Red zin
Stephen Andrews
Stephen Andrews32:19 Mike weir
Stephen Andrews
Stephen Andrews23:04 Yes Niagara area
Stephen Andrews
Stephen Andrews15:23 Five rows Pinot Noir from Niagara
Oenologize22:44 Was in the Anapolis Valley last summer!
Rick Scott
Rick Scott33:04 What restrictions are in place
Rick Scott
Rick Scott19:31 Gotta be the highest number
Rick Scott
Rick Scott16:37 Five Rows a good wine Andrew
Oenologize12:11 Near the Credit River in Mississauga
Oenologize35:35 Benevolet Fungus!
Oenologize19:35 agree 497, maybe more?
Oenologize8:09 Vintner’s Quality Alliance!
Oenologize2:11 Cave Spring CSV 2014 Riesling was awesome!
Oenologize5:43 Dan Ackroyd?
Lise Charest Gagne
Lise Charest Gagne14:40 Tawse and Huff Estates Pinot Noir too!!!!
Lise Charest Gagne
Lise Charest Gagne24:07 I have some information about Quebec wines soon..
Lise Charest Gagne
Lise Charest Gagne18:12 Malivoire Old Foch!!!!!! And more
Dave Head
Dave Head0:08 We are having a “Rose Day Eh!” on July 1st
Stephen Andrews
Stephen Andrews28:51 Canada day at U of W celebration
Lori Kilmartin
Lori Kilmartin13:42 We had a Tawse Cab Franc in our tasting this weekend. It was very typical of an Ontario Cab Franc and picked out in our blind tasting easily!
Donnah Whitaker
Donnah Whitaker39:23 I love Cuvée Catherine! Tonight my glass contains 2011 Highway 12 Cab Franc (Napa). Cheers!
Stephen Andrews
Stephen Andrews15:36 Hand harvesting
Rick Scott
Rick Scott21:53 There are many new wineries opened in Simcoe area it’s hard to do wine tasting in one weekend
Oenologize15:31 Hand Harvesting
John Morrison
John Morrison39:24 Not bad with a 50/50 Lamb/Venison burger and sharp cheddar.  2014 Inniskillin Reserve Series Cabernet Franc.
Michael J. McCoy
Michael J. McCoy5:05 C.c. Jentsch Cellars Small Lot Series Cabernet Franc only available at winery!!!

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