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Pairing Wine and Cheese Like a Pro (Video)

Recently, I hosted a wine and cheese tasting inside Amy Porterfield’s online course creator membership group. So. Much. Fun. You’ll get lots of pairing tips from this session as well as ot...

Sparkling Wine from Cava to Cremant: Festive Fizz

Sparkling wines and champagne for New Year’s Eve is our topic in the CTV News clip above. Here’s a list of the bubblies we discussed, including cava from Spain, cremant from France and spa...

Pairing Wine and Halloween Candy: The Monster Match

Buzz Lightyear and the Wine Witch chat about great wine pairings with Halloween treats on Breakfast Television. Dina: Just call Natalie MacLean for pairing wine and Halloween treats, she’s an online...

The Best Croatian Wines to Try Now + Wine Regions

On CTV News, we dive into Croatian wines. Let’s first take a look at Croatia on the map and where the wine regions are. Croatia hugs the Adriatic Sea, and is neighbours with Slovenia, Hungary, Serbi...