Pairing Wine and Yoga to Unwined (Video)

Our guest this evening is a former PR professional turned wine enthusiast turned yoga teacher. She created Yoga Unwined as a way to combine everything she loves. Her classes bring together vinyasa-based yoga and fun wine facts through creative yoga poses.

And she joins me live now from her home in Austin, Texas: Welcome to the Sunday Sipper Club Morgan Perry!

How did you come up with the idea to bring wine and yoga together?

Are you actually drinking while you get into various poses? Posing and pairing?

How do you incorporate wine into a yoga class? At this point, perhaps you show us the cactus/wine glass arms and some facts you’d share without having to move away from your desk and the camera … then we can chat about other substitutes you make: cork pose Shavasana, what others?

Where do you teach?

You’re whetting their appetite for wine.

Alcohol is on the list to be avoided by yogis – they don’t touch it as it lowers the vibrations of the astral body which defeats the purpose of yoga: to raise the vibrational level to achieve the higher self.

Does pairing wine run counter to yoga tradition?

Yoga is an ancient discipline and wine has a rich history dating to 6000 BC. Yogis stretch their muscles both before and after meditation in order to sit motionless for prolonged periods. This is a practice that needs to be developed over time.

Is it a buffet attitude of picking what you want? Cafeteria Catholic.

Do you double your zen quotient?

Yoga and wine can be intimidating … how do you make it more accessible?

Are the majority of those who take your classes women? How else can you describe them?

Tend to workout more – ven diagram of overlap?

What’s the most memorable thing someone has ever said about your yoga wine class?

What’s the strangest thing that’s happened during one of your wine and yoga classes?

Are most people more yoga experts or wine experts?

What do wine and yoga have in common?

Balance your nervous system.

Moderation is balance, which is yoga.

Does this give us a deeper spiritual connection to earth that gives us wine and food, just as we are connected with the mat and the earth, getting grounded literally?

Movements become more fluid.

Yoga brings you right into the moment, and so does wine.

Yoga is all about focus: focus on wine to concentrate, being present.

Mindful state to absorb info.

Why don’t we see yoga and tequila combined? Or beer?

Wine is more calming with lower alcohol than tequila.

Slowly relax the body, more meditative, decrease stress hormone cortisol.

Burn more fat with red wine, combo of lower cortisol.

I should be very skinny.

Both are about restoration and relaxation.

Like yoga, wine is a practical education – one must keep tasting in order to develop a palate and the ability to discern the flavours and nuances of wine.

Yoga is about being totally in the moment, enjoying where one is, and not worrying about what is coming next. It is a total sensual experience.

The vino portion is all about allowing the other senses, the smells and tastes, to take over. We experience the way wine and certain foods feel in the mouth and how they pair, or don’t pair, together.

Trend: more vineyard hosting classes, more yoga studios incorporating wine, Lots of boozy retreats – do you host any retreats?

Quick round for fun: which wines would you pair with the following poses and why?

Warrior 1

Downward dog

Tree Pose

Half Moon


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Top Fan

Lori Sweet15:31 I wrote about Three Dog Winery in Prince Edward County that has an onsite yoga studio. Glad to learn more about this subject.

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Stephen Andrews9:49 Vanyassa is what I studied for a number of years. Now I spend less time yoga more meditation. Great that you over this Morgan.





Janine Edwards-Hogg16:09 Check out Wine 4 Yoga Lovers in Australia!! They have released of their wines in some Canadian provinces already!!
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Elaine Bruce6:25 Awesome pairing ! Storm blowing in, in Calgary- maybe the smoke will blow away and some of the fires put out !


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Rachelle O’Connor12:07 Yoga relaxes me and so does wine so it is a win-win! Love it Morgan! 😁🍇

Janine Edwards-Hogg31:53 Super creative, Morgan!! Thinking on your feet! 👏👏👏💗💗💗



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Paul E Hollander17:34 We have a couple of local breweries that have beer and yoga classes.

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Stephen Andrews12:00 Anything that gets people doing yoga is great.




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Stephen Andrews27:20 Sun salutations in the vineyard in the early morning so much fun. Keep expanding Morgan. Well done.

Janine Edwards-Hogg28:19 So well said, Natalie. It’s about really creating presence and being in the moment. 



Janine Edwards-Hogg25:06 We’ve been so lucky to do some mini-retreats with the Eastern Ontario wineries. 💗💗💗
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Stephen Andrews16:19 Western Yoga much different that eastern yoga.



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Stephen Andrews24:42 Just the setting of a winery is wonderful for yoga.

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Stephen Andrews20:06 Morgan do you teach yoga for seniors?



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Patti Wright Hollander17:20 Our breweries offer Yoga.

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Stephen Andrews37:02 Great show.

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Stephen Andrews2:57 Namaste Morgan

















In this television clip, Morgan does a flow with a wine theme:


Morgan Perry

Morgan Perry is the founder of Yoga Unwined. A PR professional turned wine enthusiast turned yoga teacher, she created Yoga Unwined as a way to combine everything she loves. Her classes bring together vinyasa-based yoga and fun wine facts through creative yoga poses. Each class ends with a meditative wine tasting, inviting you to mindfully taste what’s in your glass while applying what you learned through the poses. Private classes are available and are perfect for birthdays, bachelorette parties or corporate team building.


Full Transcript:

Natalie: 00:01 So pairing wine and yoga, is it a stretch? Sorry, I couldn’t resist
that. But when you pair wine and yoga, what do they have in
common? The relaxation, the mindfulness. Can you double your
Zen quotient by bringing them together? Well, that’s exactly
what we’re going to discover with our guest who joins me on
the Sunday Sipper club tonight. I’m Natalie MacLean, editor of
Canada’s largest one review site And we
gather here every Sunday at 6:00 PM eastern. That’s Toronto
New York time to talk to the most interesting people in the
world of wine. Now before I introduce our guests fully, I would
love to know where are you logging in from? City state province,
Gimme a notion of where you are at and what’s the weather
like there in Ottawa? Here it is. Just gorgeous tonight. It’s
beautiful. Summery night. Dave Head is here and Ann Maclean
is here.

Natalie: 02:14 You know, even I think if you don’t practice yoga, you’re going
to find this a very enlightening discussion. All right, so our guest
this evening is a former pr professional, turned wine enthusiast,
turned yoga instructor. She created yoga, unwind as a way to
combine everything she loves her classes, bring together
Vinyasa based yoga and fun fact wine facts through creative
yoga poses and she joins me live now from her home in Austin,
Texas. Welcome to the Sunday sipper club, Morgan Perry. Hello.
Hi. Excellent. So glad you’re here. This is such an interesting
topic. Morgan. Let’s just kick it off with. How did you come up
with the idea to pair wine and yoga?

Morgan: 03:01 Well, they’re two of my favorite things and I started practicing
yoga probably now about eight years ago, but it wasn’t until I
quit my full-time at doing wine pr and marketing where I
went away to a yoga teacher training and the Dominican
Republic and part of our training at the end you have to do like
a final exam if you will, and teach a class to all your fellow Yogi
students, a Yogi teacher. So I taught a class where I just
decided to pull wine and you know, we had been drinking wine
together the entire time we were down there and I started just
giving some wine facts during the flow and then I ended with a
meditation or a Shavasana and then we had everyone tastes a
wines at the end of class. So they were really applying
everything that I told them on their mat into their glass.

Morgan: 03:52 So this was just a fun project for me. And after everyone
came up to me, literally almost every single student there. And
they said, wow, that was amazing. I had no idea you knew that
much about wine and are you going to do this when you go
back to New York? That’s great. So I was shocked, you know, I, I
just knew at that point that I had something really, really special
and you know, a lot of people do pair yoga and wine and in
different ways. But I think a, linking the education is really what
makes it special and unique.

Natalie: 04:24 And we’re going to get into just how you do that because I’m
curious how you’re getting an integrating the wine into your yoga
classes. I just wanted to welcome Dave Head, an Ira Kraft is here
and beverly. Welcome from so cal Paul Hollander and Patty are
here from Virginia. Janine Edwards Hog is here, uh, from big
Rido Ontario. Janine locally teaches yoga classes. So she has a
very special and she does it in vineyards. So maybe she’ll ask
you some questions and you guys can trade tips throughout. do
post your link in the comments below. Yeah. And Ann MacLean
is log in from a lovely evening in Halifax and it’s 87 degrees in So
Cal. Whoa. Beverly. I’m Lori sweet is here from Kingston,
Ontario. It’s warm here and Allen is here and Steven Andrews,
namaste. Morgan. Am I saying that correctly?

Natalie: 05:27 should know that I’ve taken yoga classes. I just haven’t seen the
word spelled out exactly. You don’t usually use it, type it or
write it? Yeah. Yeah, exactly. namaste right. I should just take a
breath and think about that. Dave head. Claire is a regular yoga
and wine practitioner. Who’s claire? Dave, is that to your
partner? Elaine Bruce’s has joined us. Okay. So Morgan, when
you’re combining wine and yoga, are you posing and pairing, are
you doing like Cabernet during downward dog or how does it
work inside your yoga class? ,

Morgan: 06:02 So because I come from a wine marketing background and I do
work with a lot of wine brands and also my personal beliefs are
really to be socially responsible. So that comes first before
everything. So we actually don’t drink any wine during the yoga
class. We just drink in the end but we are learning about the
lane during the class. So how it works is a 45-minute flow. I will
teach you facts, maybe 21 facts. So I actually taught at a
vineyard today and we went through, we will learn about
Chardonnay. I gave them about 20 facts about Chardonnay and
they’re holding poses that are kind of easy to post. So if you’re a
Yogi, you’ll know where to chair pose. You may argue with me
about if that one’s easy to hold a downward facing dog.
Sometimes I have them in child’s pose and I’m talking for. I’m
talking a little bit longer, so those kinds of poses where I can
give you a quick fact and then we moved through a Vinyasa so
we keep their bodies moving, but then they’ll pause for a fact.
So it’s kind of broken up in that way and that last for about 45
minutes and then after that is the Shavasana. So we’ll do
different types of things.

Natalie: 07:09 Let me just hold you there for a minute. For those who don’t
know yoga, a Vinyasa. What is that? If you can describe it.

Morgan: 07:17 So vinyasa is slow as a style of yoga, where you’re flowing,
you’re linking one breath with each movement, and an actual
Vinyasa is something that starts out where you are moving
through from at the top of your mat, moving through your
plank, your chatter on the plank to Chaturanga upward dog or
you know, any kind of back bend cobra then to a downward dog
and then coming back to the front of your mat. Right? So that’s
just a typical vinyasa. So we’ll add those in and we’ll kind of do
different types of sun salutations. A Sun salutation, a that I just
described . to keep the body moving. But I may have you pause
in warrior two a and then I’ll talk.

Natalie: 08:03 Okay. That’s excellent. I love that. And I’m the Shavasana is the
end pose, right? Shavasana is everyone’s favorite posts because
what are you doing when you do that? When you’re laying on
your mat just lay down like a corpse. Exactly. It’s actually, yes.

Morgan: 08:19 First is, is Shavasana So you are laying on your mat and what I
like to tell people is you’re absorbing all of the physical
practices of Yoga. You’re absorbing those in your body and then
your mind is actually absorbing all of the facts that I told you
about the wine.

Natalie: 08:39 Ah, you’re bringing it all together. the integration,

Morgan: 08:42 they have about five minutes and they lay on their mat and
sometimes I’ll just play music today. We actually had some
sound bowls that we were playing and doing a little bit of a
meditation with that. And then I, while they’re laying down, I’m
pouring the wines and then you know, myself and sometimes
someone at the winery or I have an assistant with me that day
will pass the wines out. So they’re laying out chilling. We’re
passing out the wines. And when they opened their eyes, I lead
them through a little meditation, just a visualization kind of
saying, you know, imagine these grapes growing wherever
they’re growing for this particular class in Italy or you know, in
the Texas hill country or wherever it might be. I kind of lead
them through the wine making process and a really brief
meditation where they have their eyes closed, then they
opened their eyes and Voila, two glasses of wine await and then
I lead them through a wine tasting, so then they’re really able to
take everything that they’ve learned and see it and smell it and
taste it and I just love seeing my students’ eyes light up.

Natalie: 09:48 Wow, that sounds fantastic. You’re so relaxed already and then
you get that double hit, if you will, of the, of the wine tasting.
Now you have a. You also have renamed the Shavasana pose I
think. Or you use it

Morgan: 10:01 I renamed a few poses. Tell. Tell us what,

Natalie: 10:04 what they do give the corpse pose or the Shavasana. Yeah,\

Morgan: 10:07 I actually haven’t renamed that one, but I’d probably say the
cork pose. Is that the cork pose I have. I do have a corkscrew
pose. Oh, a corkscrew pose. Okay. And I can’t really do this right
now where I do not suppose where you. It’s called standing
split. So you’re basically, you’re in a forward fold and then you
lift one leg up and you know, it’s called standing splits, but 99
percent of people get really do the splits very easily, right? So
most people just have their leg up in the air at a 90 degree angle
to their body, to their other leg. And so it’s not really a split, but,
you know, it looks a lot like a corkscrew. That’s great. I love it.
So I call that one corkscrew pose. And then, um, another one
that will do is a lot of times people do cactus like this where
their arms are, you know, a degree angle.

Morgan: 10:58 And so I always do wineglass arms and then I say something,
you know, where we’re doing a backbend in this pose and I’m
always like, you know, don’t spill your mind. But to be honest, I
don’t incorporate too many of the poses to be too cutesy like
that because, you know, it gets a little much after a while. So I
do that a few times and then, we’ll incorporate the movement
of the body and what we’re talking about. So for example, today
I taught about Chardonnay as I mentioned, and I talked about
cool climate versus warm climate. So we’re in a downward
facing dog or we’re in a wide leg forward fold. I’ll say, you know,
this is a cooling pose. Your heart is below your belly, so cooler
climate, wines, Xyz, you know, and I talked about that. So I will, I
will use what’s happening in the body to describe something
about the wind sometimes. Wow, fascinating.

Natalie: 11:54 And let me go back to our comments because they’ve been
coming in a fast. Yeah, absolutely. Lots of people here are
finding this a really great topic, Elaine Bruce is here, and Kat. I
hope I’m saying your name. Excellent. She’s one of your tribe.
I’m Janine Hog has posted her yoga Yogi wine. She’s here in
Ottawa and yeah, she uh, she teaches yoga and we, we’ve got a
few vineyards around here, but I’m not a lot because we’re not
a terribly warm country, but she does do that. So folks, if you’re
local, there’s a resource. But let’s see. Dave head and claire is
the other half, so he is she. Claire is Dave’s significant other and
practices yoga. Okay, great. Elaine Bruce says, awesome pairing
a storm. A storm is brewing in Calgary. Maybe smoke will blow
away some of the fires.

Natalie: 12:54  Put the fires out. Yes. Debbie
Garrett namaste from Vernon in a very smoky
okanagan . Yes. Fires there to Jason Davies, 67 and raining
in London, UK. yeah. Steven Andrews, my kids sent me to a yoga
class at Niagara. Best Yoga ever. Awesome., I’ve been to some
wineries in Niagara. And have you? Yes. Gorgeous isn’t it? And
so many are developing so quickly. and I do think they have
yoga classes down there. I’m not sure which ones exactly, if
anybody knows, but uh, Dave had said you need to go to Nepal.
We were there this year and namaste Steven Andrews says a
Vinyasa is what I should, what I studied for a number of years.
Oh, Vinyasa. I spent, I spent less time, less time on Yoga, more
meditation. It’s great that you are all over this Morgan.

Natalie: 13:57 Excellent. Eric Sykes is here. Welcome, Eric. And let me just go
down. I’m, Kat says hi. And Rochelle O’connor’s here. Yoga
relaxes me and so does Wine. It’s a win-win. Love it, Morgan.
Alright, excellent. Okay. So and folks, just a quick note that if
you’re enjoying this, please just take a moment to share. I will
be drawing at the end of this session for three bottles of wine
from our last week’s guest based on those who shared last
week’s video, but for this week it’s a very cute event. Says yes,
please. There you go. Isn’t it cute? It’s a yoga tank. So cute. Even
if you don’t do yoga, I mean seriously. Exactly. And I know this is
a cartoon going round the web anyway, but I often wear yoga
pants while drinking wine, so that would be perfect. Alright, so
let’s continue here now, I had a few things here. Now we know
there, there’s the thing about a yogi. Now Yoga is an ancient
tradition, so as wine. So that’s definitely one thing they have in
common, but I’ve read in some places that alcohol is to be
avoided by Yogis, but maybe you can comment on that, why
you’re bringing them together when maybe this ancient
tradition said avoid.

Morgan: 15:24 Yes, absolutely. And I think that yoga and Yogis have evolved a
lot in the last several hundred years since the Hatha Yoga text
was written in the 15th century. Right? So, yoga is something
that used to be practiced by a much smaller group of people
and at this point there’s like, I think the last number I read was
36 million people in the United States alone practicing yoga. So,
you know, I don’t, I don’t have statistics and I should do a study
on this honestly, on how many people that do yoga drink wine.
But I like to think if there was, there would be a
very heavy overlap in that. So, you know, I’m all about traditions
and you know, but I also think that you know, things of all for a
reason and there’s hip-hop yoga and there’s goat yoga now and
oh really different yoga that people can do and I think it’s really
finding what is right for you, what’s right for your body and uh,
what gets you onto the mat and gets you moving and then helps
you feel relaxed at the end of the day.

Natalie: 16:29 Absolutely. and so why don’t we, or maybe I’m missing this, but
why don’t we see Tequila and yoga or beer and yoga?

Morgan: 16:37 I have seen beer yoga before. I haven’t done a pure yoga myself
only because, not because I wouldn’t actually, I do like a good
beer occasionally. I think most drinkers do, right? We’ll go on a
wine tour for a week and then she’d be at this point. but I, I do
love wine. I have a passion for wine. I studied wine forever and
that’s why I decided to pair wine and yoga. I think that there’s a
lot about the balance between the two that go together. So for
me, that’s what works, but I think that any you could really do
this class, how it, how I have it with the educational component
built-in with really anything. You could do it with a perfume and
then smell perfume at the end of the class. You know, it doesn’t
even have to be a drink. I think you can really incorporate
education into a any kind of exercise. But Yoga just works for

Natalie: 17:32 Absolutely. It’s about engaging all of the senses, I think, you
know, and that, that really is a holistic way to approach.
Absolutely, yes. Our humanity. so both wine and yoga can be
intimidating for a lot of people. And the idea of combining them
can be well double intimidating. How do you make it accessible?

Morgan: 17:52 So one of the things that I always say when we start to do our
wine tasting, and I joke about this during class too, I’m like, you
guys were in a wine tasting class, so if you can get to this post,
don’t worry about it. This is not a serious yoga class. And I really
teach an all levels class. So I try to make everyone comfortable
and you know, I always tell people, please skip the Vinyasa’s,
please take a child’s pose. I take so many gels, poses and skip
Vinyasas. It’s how my body’s feeling that day. I might be tired,
you know, maybe I went to the concert, a concert the night
before. but another thing with the wine tasting portion of it,
which I actually think for a lot of people is even more
intimidating. And I’m sure you’ve seen this, you know when
you’re in a wine tasting and you ask someone a question and it’s
just, you know, deer in headlights.

Morgan: 18:37 So I say, Hey, we’re sitting on the floor, we’re under yoga
clothes and we’re tasting wine. So this is not a serious wine
tasting. And if you’re tasting a chapstick or bubblegum or
whatever it is, I want you to please tell me your tasting notes.
The more fun the tasting notes are, the more entertaining this will
be, you know. So I sort of opened it up like that and just invite
people to share. So my students usually do interact quite a bit
and I’ll usually lead them with a couple things about what we’re
going to taste during the class so they already have an idea in
their head. So we usually get a pretty interactive class and I
think I do my best to make it really accessible for everyone.

Natalie: 19:21 That’s awesome. That’s really great. And what’s the most
interesting thing someone has said about your class? They
finished her class

Morgan: 19:30 yes, I had an amazing situation where a woman came up to me
after class and said I just got back from South Africa. I visited
seven wineries or something like that while I was down there in
the wine country. And she said I think I just learned more. And
you’re one yoga class. That’s great. So I found that so flattering
and it’s really, really, really stuck with me.

Natalie: 19:54 That’s fantastic. And I want to keep checking in with our peeps
here on facebook. so Eric, oh, it’s really hot there in
Chicago. Eric says I wonder if I can teach northern shallow one
seven stars praying mantis. I don’t know what that is, maybe it’s
a position or something. and Janine says, check out wine for
Yoga lovers in Australia. Noticed. Oh, it’s a way. It’s a line of
wines and it’s labeled, I guess

Morgan: 20:30 people doing yoga on their bottles. Oh, cool. And I think they’re
coming to the US soon.

Natalie: 20:35 Oh Wow. You know, we used to have a Niagara Brand called
Vinyasa now. I went to look for it for our chat and it’s no longer
produced, but yeah, they had a, it was very zen, like kind of
bottle, but I think, you know, I thought, well, why can’t I get that
yoga focus? And I thought you know what, every wine is very
zen. Like for me, it’s not gonna matter. but yeah, that’s an
interesting line. It’ll be a. okay. So Janine says they’ve released
some of their wines in some Canadian provinces already and as
you say, it might be coming to the US soon too. All right.

Morgan: 21:12 It definitely, it could be a fun you know, pairing.

Natalie: 21:15 Yeah, absolutely. That sounds great. I totally agree. Morgs
says cat. let’s see, Patty and Paul say our breweries offer wine
and yoga and they’ve done a couple of classes. Andrea Shapiro
is here. Adrian Baldwin is here. Welcome guys. I’m, oh, Steven.
Andrew says we’ll certainly have to see if cannabis in yoga
pairing happens after on October 17th because we’re legalizing
it here in Canada. I don’t know if you know that Morgan, but
you have certain states like Colorado where it’s legal, but the
whole country it’s going to be legal up here. So October 17th?
Yes. That won’t be quite the zen kind of class. I can just imagine.
Morgan. Do you teach yoga for seniors? He’s just curious.

Morgan: 22:08 So I can teach yoga for all levels. I’ve taught some beginner
classes. I’ve been asked to teach more, uh, some corporate
classes, so we’re doing more stuff in chairs and I’ve done some
more advanced flows. So yes, I would absolutely be able to do a
senior’s class. Right now we’re only offering classes in New York
and Austin, Texas, but we are in the works to open up in
summer, Upland, California pretty soon. I don’t want to say too
much because it’s not official yet, but we are looking to expand
to other states and cities here in the US and definitely if there’s,
you know, places that want to have us come and do something
at the vineyard that I taught today. You’re in outside of Austin.
we’re doing a monthly class so we’re definitely open to
collaborations into spreading and taking over the world.

Natalie: 22:59 That’s great. So yeah, that reminds me. So you, do you mostly
teach your classes at wineries? Is that where you.

Morgan: 23:07 Well actually today was my first class at an actual winery
because I was in New York City for the first year that I started this
company. So, uh, there is uh, there are some urban wineries
there and I am chatting with a couple of those but it’s harder
out there because there’s just a city. So I was doing, just city
. I was doing classes there at places like hotels, coworking
spaces, some yoga studios where we’ll offer it as a workshop. ,
but what’s been really cool about being in Austin is wine
country is a 30-minute drive away, 45 minutes maybe at the
most so you can actually really easily from the city get out to
the wine country. So today was my first class that had been out
here, but I’m hoping to do more and I’d love to do more out in
long island out in New York and places like that.

Natalie: 23:56 Yeah, good too. I would think people would want to import you.
So to speak for a retreat weekend at a, at a winery.

Morgan: 24:04 Yes. And that is something we’re working on as well. I’m
working with a company to organize some luxury yoga and wine
retreats, so that should be coming up either later this year, early
next year. So I’m really, really excited about that and I actually
get a lot of messages on Instagram and facebook and through
our website, like do you do retreats? Do you ever do a treat? So
we’ve been getting a lot of asks so I’m really excited to have
that coming up soon.

Natalie: 24:29 Awesome. So in the winery today, where were you? Were you
in the vines or were you in the winery? Where were you?

Morgan: 24:36 Well, it’s Texas and it’s August, so yeah, I would love to do yoga
and the vines and I’ve, I’ve seen people doing that, you know,
on Instagram and it looks beautiful and I’ve been out into the
vines and drank wine. It is some photos but we haven’t actually
taught a class out in the buttons yet. We were in the barrel
room today. So. Cool. Yeah. Nice Ac. But we did talk about
maybe in October, November when it starts to cool down here
and doing some classes out in the winery and the vines.

Natalie: 25:05 And have you ever done hot yoga? in an outside environment?
Well, it was accidentally hot that

Morgan: 25:15 on a roof deck. We did have an event where it was pretty sunny
and we just said, all right, it taught yoga. Here we go, we’re
going to sweat. But it was a class. So that worked, you know, it
wasn’t like Cabernet after that. It was Rose and everyone just
found the Rose extra refreshing that day.

Natalie: 25:33 I’ll bet. I’ll bet. And so do you think this whole thing is a, is a
growing trend of wineries offering yoga classes, yoga studios,
offering wine tastings and retreats and so on. do, do you see it

Morgan: 25:47 I do, I do. And I follow a couple of hashtags on Instagram, a yoga
and wine, you know, Vinyasa, those kinds of hashtags just to see
what other people are doing. So I have noticed a lot of wineries
offering this a lot of yoga studios will say we’re having wine and
yoga night where, you know, they’re not educating the
consumers on the wine and the way that I do, but they are, you
know, having a yoga class and then having something social
laughter and having the wine. And that’s another really cool
thing is that after class you’re not done, you’re not rolling up
your mat and leaving, you’re seeing, you’re finishing off the
a wine that we’re tasting. We’re finishing off any bottles that are
left. And in the case of today at the winery, people went over
into the tasting room and bought cheese and stayed and you
know, they’re going to discount on bottles. So it kind of turns
into a whole social activity and I think that’s why the yoga
studios like and it gets their students more engaged and that’s
definitely, something that, like you said, it’s, it’s all about
balance, find my find my mind, body, and spirit and I think it just
kind of goes really well. So I’ve definitely seen it growing.

Natalie: 26:54 Absolutely. And I just find like, I can see beer and yoga, but I
find when we, you know, the difference between say wine and
Tequila or something, why is about the slow relaxation of the
body. It’s not about, you know, shooters or whatever. And so
that slow relaxation through breath and yoga poses just seems
like a natural segue into sipping wine. I mean it just seems at
the same pace and, and the same kind of mindfulness because
wine usually, unless you’re drinking too much or too quickly is
about being in the moment, not getting mindless exist. So that
seems well suited to. Alright, I’m Steven Andrews says just the
setting of the winery is wonderful for yoga. Absolutely. Janine
says we’ve been so lucky to do some mini-retreats with Eastern
Ontario wineries. That is great. Janine, around Ottawa. So auto
was our capital here in Canada and she’s been doing that.
Beverly’s interested in your classes and more details, so we’ll
have to make sure that your links are posted here in this chat
afterward. I’m Morgan because I’m sure people who not just
live in Austin. Yeah. Yeah. So people in Austin but also others,
I’m sure. Yeah.

Morgan: 28:13 Interesting classes posted soon for the fall coming up to you.

Natalie: 28:16 So much fun. That’s awesome. Okay. So alright, good comments
guys. Really good. All right, so let me just come down here a
little bit so if you could, I know you don’t incorporate wine with
exact poses, but if, if we could just have some fun with
proposing different types of wine with poses, what would you
pair, what type of wine would you pair with say warrior one

Morgan: 28:48 Well, where one is a little bit of a grounding pose, right? So your
feet are on the ground, but your chest is open, your arms or
why? So maybe something like an Oak Chardonnay, right? So,
you’re open and you’re ready to receive and, but you’re still
grounded by that oak. Right? So I think I’m in a very chardonnay
mindset. I taught a chardonnay.

Natalie: 29:14 It says that what you have in your glass, by the way, I actually
have some Jambalaya. Mental. Okay. That’s fine.

Morgan: 29:20 From the winery where I taught because I drank a bunch of a
bunch of Chardonnay and then it is summer here in, in Texas
and they told me this was a good boat line. So that’s what I
bought today. but yeah, I think something, something like, like
an oak chardonnay  would go well because it’s kind of
thought that, you know, a lightness to it, but you’re still
grounded like that. Awesome.

Natalie: 29:42 And what would we pair them with? Downward dog?

Morgan: 29:46 so downward dog is kind of more of a grounding post. It can be
considered a resting pose, but you know, of course, people
argue about it can kind of soothe your nerves and, and
calm you. So maybe something a little bit more full body maybe
something like a Cabernet Sauvignon or something like that that
can be something you would eat with comfort food, something
that’s very comforting to you. I would think of pairing with like
a, a down dog or child’s pose, something like that.

Natalie: 30:20 All right  just for two more poses. The tree pose.

Morgan: 30:27 so tripos you’re very light airy, open. I’m kind of ready to take
on the world and feeling light and maybe a sparkling
wine, maybe feeling kind of bubbly or you’re floating almost in
tree pose, right? You’re only one foot on the ground and you’re
balanced. So maybe I would even say champagne because
champagne is sparkling wine, but it’s very balanced, right?
Because it’s aged on the lease and so it has that little bit of
toastiness and that readiness that comes with it, but it’s still
that Chardonnay grape and it’s still got those women and those
kinds of citrus flavors as well. So there you go. True Post.
Excellent. Here we go.

Natalie: 31:15 Doing Great. Last one. Half Moon.

Morgan: 31:19 Yeah. Food is a challenging pose. Okay. So I’d probably pick a
wine that maybe is a little bit harder for some people to like, so
maybe I would say riesling because as we know some people
love Riesling and some people still think of reasoning as just
those really, really sweet styles of wine. Right. So reasonable
would be something that’s generally if you’re at a dinner table,
might be a harder sell in for a larger group of people. I’m a little
bit challenging, just like the half moon.

Natalie: 31:50 Awesome. Wow, you’re good. You’re good on the spot too. So,
so cool. So interesting. Is there anything that we haven’t
covered that you’d like to talk about when it comes to wine and

Morgan: 32:06 Well, I think really the main, the main thing and one of the
things I say in my classes is they’re both about balance, right?
And so you want your wine to be balanced. You don’t want too
much alcohol or sugar or acidity or Tannin. And Yoga is about
balance in many ways, right? Because a, you need balance to
do yoga and balance, this is true of Yoga and wine you need maybe
you need yoga and your life to balance out your crazy life or
maybe you need mine and your life to kind of chill you out and
balance you out from your crazy life. But they’re both about
balance and I think that that’s something that really makes
them really well together as well. So I just think that they are
the perfect pairing and that’s why I think what we’re doing is
caught on and has been successful.

Natalie: 32:56 Absolutely. Yeah. I think you’ve hit a great idea and market and
the demographics. You’ve got it all there. Morgan, where can
we find you online?

Morgan: 33:07 So where and that’s unwined so people
often forget the e but it’s kind of a little play on words And then
on Instagram or @yogaunwined and Facebook were at
yogaunwinedNYC in NYC. So, but now we are in Austin, Texas
and New York City.

Natalie: 33:32 Excellent. I’m sure people will want to reach out to you,
including wineries. Yeah, absolutely. Morgan, it’s been an
absolute delight to talk to you tonight. I’m inspired to keep up
with my own very basic yoga practice and incorporate some
wine tasting in there. Folks. Hang on I have got some more
announcements for you, but I’m Morgan. Thank you so much
for spending part of your Sunday evening with us. Thank you so
much. Yeah, and I raise my glass to years chairs. Not Mistake,
not. Namaste. Namaste. Thanks again. Take care. Okay. Bye.
Bye. Okay, folks, I am going to announce the winner from last
week. Three bottles of Austrian premium wine based on who
shared that. And so just a few things. Again, if you’re interested
in my free online wine video class to teach you how to taste
wine like a pro and especially to pair wine with food, we get into
all of that in this really fun class and you can choose your own
class time.

Natalie: 34:39 Last call to share this video. Again, I will be announcing next
week the winner of that really cute, a Vinyasa and Vino Yoga
tank top for who shares it and also comments so if you’re
watching the replay, you still have a chance to do that. Uh, but
let’s go back to the winter and let me just check one last time
with, uh, uh, the comments here. I don’t want to cut this off too
early because you guys have been so great on the comments.
I’m Steven Andrews. Sun Salutations in the vineyard early
morning are so much fun. Keep expanding, Morgan. Well done.
So lovely. Hello John Pinto, Joe, and you’re joining us near the
end, but you can watch the replay and I get a thumbs up from
him. Jeanine. Thank you for your kind words, Jeanine, it’s really
about creating a presence and being in the moment. You’re right
and Ann fascinating. Super Creative Morgan thinking on your
feet, isn’t she? Excellence says Beverly. Thank you, Morgan.
Thanks, Ellen All right guys. Okay, so the winner of last week.
Let me see if I’ve got this right here.

Natalie: 35:50 No, it’s not a police siren. there all right, right.

Natalie: 36:00 So the winner from last week for her share is a Carolyn Wolfie.
She’s from Nova Scotia. Carolyn Wolfie. I’m not sure if she’s on
with us tonight, but she sure was last week and she shared that
out to her followers and friends and they made some nice
comments. So Carolyn Wolfie, three bottles of Austrian wine are
coming your way. So guys next week we have a really
interesting, a gentleman from New Jersey, he has written about
wine and it’s ancient origins, a writer, very interesting stories to
tell us more education but in a great fun way where we
remember it because he’s full of entertaining stories. John J
Mahoney is his name, so we have that next week and then the
following week we’ll have the wine columnists from the Calgary
Herald with us, Darren Oleksyn and, and so many more. we’ve
got a whole line up already for the fall, fully booked a lot.



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