Pairing Wine and Yoga to Unwined (Video)

Our guest this evening is a former PR professional turned wine enthusiast turned yoga teacher. She created Yoga Unwined as a way to combine everything she loves. Her classes bring together vinyasa-based yoga and fun wine facts through creative yoga poses.

And she joins me live now from her home in Austin, Texas: Welcome to the Sunday Sipper Club Morgan Perry!

How did you come up with the idea to bring wine and yoga together?

Are you actually drinking while you get into various poses? Posing and pairing?

How do you incorporate wine into a yoga class? At this point, perhaps you show us the cactus/wine glass arms and some facts you’d share without having to move away from your desk and the camera … then we can chat about other substitutes you make: cork pose Shavasana, what others?

Where do you teach?

You’re whetting their appetite for wine.

Alcohol is on the list to be avoided by yogis – they don’t touch it as it lowers the vibrations of the astral body which defeats the purpose of yoga: to raise the vibrational level to achieve the higher self.

Does pairing wine run counter to yoga tradition?

Yoga is an ancient discipline and wine has a rich history dating to 6000 BC. Yogis stretch their muscles both before and after meditation in order to sit motionless for prolonged periods. This is a practice that needs to be developed over time.

Is it a buffet attitude of picking what you want? Cafeteria Catholic.

Do you double your zen quotient?

Yoga and wine can be intimidating … how do you make it more accessible?

Are the majority of those who take your classes women? How else can you describe them?

Tend to workout more – ven diagram of overlap?

What’s the most memorable thing someone has ever said about your yoga wine class?

What’s the strangest thing that’s happened during one of your wine and yoga classes?

Are most people more yoga experts or wine experts?

What do wine and yoga have in common?

Balance your nervous system.

Moderation is balance, which is yoga.

Does this give us a deeper spiritual connection to earth that gives us wine and food, just as we are connected with the mat and the earth, getting grounded literally?

Movements become more fluid.

Yoga brings you right into the moment, and so does wine.

Yoga is all about focus: focus on wine to concentrate, being present.

Mindful state to absorb info.

Why don’t we see yoga and tequila combined? Or beer?

Wine is more calming with lower alcohol than tequila.

Slowly relax the body, more meditative, decrease stress hormone cortisol.

Burn more fat with red wine, combo of lower cortisol.

I should be very skinny.

Both are about restoration and relaxation.

Like yoga, wine is a practical education – one must keep tasting in order to develop a palate and the ability to discern the flavours and nuances of wine.

Yoga is about being totally in the moment, enjoying where one is, and not worrying about what is coming next. It is a total sensual experience.

The vino portion is all about allowing the other senses, the smells and tastes, to take over. We experience the way wine and certain foods feel in the mouth and how they pair, or don’t pair, together.

Trend: more vineyard hosting classes, more yoga studios incorporating wine, Lots of boozy retreats – do you host any retreats?

Quick round for fun: which wines would you pair with the following poses and why?

Warrior 1

Downward dog

Tree Pose

Half Moon


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Top Fan

Lori Sweet15:31 I wrote about Three Dog Winery in Prince Edward County that has an onsite yoga studio. Glad to learn more about this subject.

Top Fan

Stephen Andrews9:49 Vanyassa is what I studied for a number of years. Now I spend less time yoga more meditation. Great that you over this Morgan.





Janine Edwards-Hogg16:09 Check out Wine 4 Yoga Lovers in Australia!! They have released of their wines in some Canadian provinces already!!
Top Fan

Elaine Bruce6:25 Awesome pairing ! Storm blowing in, in Calgary- maybe the smoke will blow away and some of the fires put out !


Top Fan

Rachelle O’Connor12:07 Yoga relaxes me and so does wine so it is a win-win! Love it Morgan! 😁🍇

Janine Edwards-Hogg31:53 Super creative, Morgan!! Thinking on your feet! 👏👏👏💗💗💗



Top Fan

Paul E Hollander17:34 We have a couple of local breweries that have beer and yoga classes.

Top Fan

Stephen Andrews12:00 Anything that gets people doing yoga is great.




Top Fan

Stephen Andrews27:20 Sun salutations in the vineyard in the early morning so much fun. Keep expanding Morgan. Well done.

Janine Edwards-Hogg28:19 So well said, Natalie. It’s about really creating presence and being in the moment. 



Janine Edwards-Hogg25:06 We’ve been so lucky to do some mini-retreats with the Eastern Ontario wineries. 💗💗💗
Top Fan

Stephen Andrews16:19 Western Yoga much different that eastern yoga.



Top Fan

Stephen Andrews24:42 Just the setting of a winery is wonderful for yoga.

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Stephen Andrews20:06 Morgan do you teach yoga for seniors?



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Patti Wright Hollander17:20 Our breweries offer Yoga.

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Stephen Andrews37:02 Great show.

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Stephen Andrews2:57 Namaste Morgan

















In this television clip, Morgan does a flow with a wine theme:


Morgan Perry

Morgan Perry is the founder of Yoga Unwined. A PR professional turned wine enthusiast turned yoga teacher, she created Yoga Unwined as a way to combine everything she loves. Her classes bring together vinyasa-based yoga and fun wine facts through creative yoga poses. Each class ends with a meditative wine tasting, inviting you to mindfully taste what’s in your glass while applying what you learned through the poses. Private classes are available and are perfect for birthdays, bachelorette parties or corporate team building.



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