Video: Dragon’s Den Arlene Dickinson talks about wine, women, business

Arlene Dickinson, in the video chat below, is best known as a judge on the hit TV show Dragons’ Den as well as advising struggling companies on The Big Decision.

She’s the owner and CEO of Venture Communications, a powerhouse agency focused on marketing strategy, has been inducted into Canada’s Most Powerful Women Top 100 Hall of Fame and is the mother four children.

She recently published a book called Persuasion as well as a line of luxury products with the same brand name, including skin care, chocolate, coffee, and what we’re going to talk about today: wine…

Before we dive into your wine, let’s talk about your approach to persuasion since it’s part of the blend in all that you do. How can you be persuasive without being aggressive?

Tell me about your three pillars of business: honesty, authenticity, reciprocity (win-win).

Do women tend to take this approach to persuasion more than men?

Why do many women in business and other fields underestimate themselves?

Best advice you give to young women heading into business?

Biggest inspiration for you in business, most influenced your work style?

You’re deluged with requests for advice, on Twitter alone someone seems to be tweeting at you every 10 seconds: how do you handle it?

With all your success and fame, how do you manage to stay grounded?

Let’s segue into wine: If you had a winery owner or proposing one on the Dragon’s Den and one on The Big Decision, tell me how the shows would be different and on which aspects of the business you’d focus.

You’re a big proponent of marketing to drive business results: How does the wine industry need to improve marketing overall? How about Canadian wine?

Here’s part two of our conversation:

Building a Persuasive Wine Brand: Arlene Dickinson talks about launching her own brand of wine called Persuasion

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Find Arlene on Twitter, her company Venture Communications and her Persuasion products.

2010 Persuasion Dragon Blend, California

Arlene Dickinson, the marketing maven on the television show Dragon’s Den, used her business savvy to launch a Sonoma blend of cabernet and merlot called Persuasion last year. She says that some vintages are aggressive and come on strong (presumably like her co-host Kevin O’Leary), while others are smoother, more balanced, more confident of their worth.

I wasn’t convinced that Persuasion was anything more than a cash cow extension of Dickinson’s other products such as coffee, chocolate and skin care. Then I tried it. The business case is in the bottle. This robust red is balanced, complex and rich—like Arlene herself. Food matches: prime rib, filet mignon, grilled pork chops, lamb with rosemary. Drink: 2012 – 2017 Product number: 736211413314  Alcohol level: 14.4% Dry  750 ml $40.00 Score 93/100.

Persuasion is sold in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba at select liquor retailers and throughout Canada via the agency Fluid Imports 403-873-1615, The wine is made by Thomas George Estates in the Russian River region of California.

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