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Joy to the World Holiday Wine Match: First crowd-sourced holiday wine and food pairings

Vegetarian & Wine Pairing: Dave Loan shares tips

Cabernet Sauvignon: What makes this big red different

Vine App Videos: Changing the way we talk about wine

Wine & Cheese Tasting: Join us for pairing tips and conversation

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TitleWines FeaturedPerson
Atlantic Canada WinesCompeting on the world stage and the new Tidal Bay designation.Nova Scotia WinesJanet Sears
Australian Wines: Aging Potential?Can they age? Talks about what's required in the structure of great wines.John Duval WinesJohn Duval
Australian Wine TastingTaste 8 Wolf Blass Wines and share some laughs and stories as you watch the event  Wolf Blass WinesWolf Blass
Australian Old Vines  Grant Burge WinesGrant Burge
Australia's Semillon  Tyrell WinesBruce Tyrrell
Australia's Viognier  Yalumba WinesLouisa Rose
Bargain WinesCan you find great wines under $15?Bargain Priced WinesTara Slone
Bargain Wines 2Can you find great wines under $15?Nova Scotia WinesBruce Smith
Bargain Wines 3Can you find great wines under $15?Bargain Priced WinesNatalie MacLean
Biodynamic & Organic WinesDo they taste better? Healthier?Southbrook VineyardsAnn Sperling
Barbecue WinesShares his favourite grilling tips, barbecue wines and his mouth-watering recipe for grilled Thai flank steakBarbecue WinesRob Rainford
Books & WineWine & Book PairingsSara White
Books & Wine 2Wine & Book PairingsSamantha Steves
Books & Wine 3Wine & Book PairingsMartha Leonard
Books & Wine 4Wine & Book PairingsKevin Shane
Building a Persuasive Wine BrandTalks about launching her own brand of wine called PersuasionDragon's DenArlene Dickinson
Business - Branding - Wine and WomenTalks about her experiences both within and outside the wine industry Dragon's DenArlene Dickinson
Brand Launch: O'Leary WinesDragon's DenKevin O'Leary
Brand Launch: O'Leary Wines 2Dragon's DenKevin O'Leary
Cabernet Sauvignon Tasting & TipsWhat's the signature taste of cabernet? Difference between Old & New World styles? Food pairings?Cabernet SauvignonNatalie MacLean
Charity & WineThe Little Grape That CouldBrett Preston
Matt MacPherson
Charity & Wine 2The Little Grape That CouldBrett Preston
Matt MacPherson
Celebrity WineAre they just a marketing gimmick? How does a famous name on the bottle affect sales?Celebrity WinesAntonia Mantonakis
Champagne & Sparkling WineSparkling wines range in style from Champagne to Crement, Cava to Prosecco and beyondBubbliesSarah Wiseman
Cheese & Wine TastingTop up your glass, break of a chunk of your favourite cheese and join the tasting conversationGoogle +Wine Reviewers
Cheese & Wine Tasting 2Top up your glass, break of a chunk of your favourite cheese and join the tasting conversationGoogle +Wine Reviewers
Cheese & Wine Tasting 3Top up your glass, break of a chunk of your favourite cheese and join the tasting conversationGoogle +Natalie MacLean
Cheese Canadian PairingTalks about pairing Canadian wines and cheeses *** NEW ***Janice Beaton Fine CheeseJanice Beaton
Cheese Canadian Ash-Crust CheesePairs this cheese with wineJanice Beaton Fine CheeseJanice Beaton
Cheese Canadian Blue CheesePairs this cheese with wineJanice Beaton Fine CheeseJanice Beaton
Chocolate & WineTalks about what artisanal chocolate is and how to pair with wineChocolate SommelierRoxanne Browning
Chocolate (Dark) & WineTalks about this pairing plus the health benefits of chocolateChocolate SommelierRoxanne Browning
Chocolate & WineMaster ChocolatierDerrick Tu Tan Pho
Chocolate & WineMaster ChocolatierDerrick Tu Tan Pho
Cool Climate ChardonnayWhat makes it different from other chardonnaysVineland EstatesBrian Schmidt
Cool Climate Chardonnay CelebrationAn insider look at the Niagara i4C festivalCool Climate ChardonnayBrian Schmidt
Game Meat & WineSpecial tips for picking great wines to drink with game meatsLadies Who Shoot Their LunchMatt Fowles
Game Meat & Wine 2More tips for picking great wines to drink with game meatsLadies Who Shoot Their LunchMatt Fowles
Icewine CocktailsRepositions icewine with her slushies and talks about her experience on CBC's The Big DecisionIce House WineryKaren King
Icewine PairingsSuggests some unusual pairings for icewine such as chocolate and chili chips and wasabi peasIce House WineryKaren King
Marketing Wine & Brand LaunchesCan you use consumer package goods marketing to such a fragmented, quirky and artisanal category like wine?Sibling RivalryDaniel Speck
Master SommelierWhat does it take to become one with Scott Carney, MSSommelier: MasterScott Carney
Mother's Day WinesWhich bottles will make brunch or dinner special?Mother's Day WinesJohn Edmund
Philanthropy & WineWalks the talk in supporting the AIDS Walk for LifeSanta MargheritaBruno Zaratin
Pizza & WineWhich wines pair best with Meat Lovers, Hawaiian and Margherita pizzas?Google +Natalie MacLean
Price Impact on TasteDo we perceive a more expensive wine to taste better?Brock UniversityAntonia Mantonakis
Price of WinesHow are they set? Is expensive always better?Painted Rock WineryJohn Skinner
Prince Edward County versus Niagara winesHow are they different? Challenges?Norman Hardie WinesNorm Hardie
Restaurant Wine ListsWhat makes for a great wine list? Tips on choosing from one?Vintage Group WinesLance Hurtubise
Restaurant Wine ServiceThe good, the bad and the uglySommelier: MasterScott Carney
Sauvignon Blanc TastingWhat's the signature taste of sauvignon blanc? Differences by region? Food pairings?Canadian WinesNatalie MacLean
Seafood & Wine PairingSeafood WinesMichael Smith
Seafood & Wine Pairing 2Seafood WinesMichael Smith
Shipping Canadian WineShipping Canadian Wine 3Member of Parliament Dan Albas was the driving force behind the new federal law to open borders within CanadaBill C-311: opening bordersDan Albas
Shipping Canadian Wine 2Barriers remain provinciallyDan Albas
Shipping Canadian Wine 3Bill C-311 impactFree My GrapesShirley-Ann George
Shiraz Syrah TastingWhat's the signature taste of shiraz and syrah? How do they differ by region? Food pairings?Pinot Noir WinesNatalie MacLean
Sideways mega-hit wine movie & bookWhy pinot noir sales skyrocketed after the movie and merlot plummeted. How he learned about wine to write the book.Sideways MovieRex Pickett
Sideways with Rex Pickett Part 2Tips for aspiring writers and a sneak peak at Sideways book threeSideways BookRex Pickett
Snacks & WineMaverick Wine BarMike Pierce
Snacks & Wine 2Maverick Wine BarMike Pierce
Social Media & WinePart 1 of Vintank's Paul Mabray on how wineries must adapt to Twitter and Facebook or face Digital Darwinism.VintankPaul Mabray
Social, Local & MobileHow wineries need to use Social-Local-MobileVintankPaul Mabray
Sommelier CompetitionTalks about what's involved in the competition for Canada's Best SommelierSommelier: MasterBruce Wallner
Sommelier ProfessionTalks about what it's like to be a sommelier and the skills required *** NEW ***Sommelier: MasterBruce Wallner
Tasting WineAirmiles Gold EventNatalie MacLean
Turkey Dinner WinesGreat Wines for Thanksgiving and Holiday DinnersTurkey Dinner WinesRosey Edeh
Valentine's Day WinesValentine's Day WinesJean Mcdonald
Vegetarian & Wine PairingZen KitchenDave Loan
Vegetarian & Wine Pairing 2Algonquin CollegeDave Loan
Vine Wine AppTwitter VideoNatalie MacLean
Wine MapsThis Books Makes Them Easy to LearnGoogle +Louise Wilson
Wine Maps 2More Tips on Learning about Wine RegionsGoogle +Louise Wilson
Holiday Wine & Food PairingsWines for Holiday DishesHoliday WinesAnn Poirier
Truffles & Wine PairingsWhy this pairing is magical, especially in ItalyGoogle +Chef Massimo Capra
Holiday Wine MatchWine Lovers Group Chat about Holiday Wine PairingsGoogle +Sara Mantle, Kristy Gardener, Adam Bowers
Wines Under $15Bargain Priced WinesSharon Thompson



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