Sneak Peak Behind-the-Scenes: Publishing a Wine Audiobook



Have you ever wondered how an audiobook gets made and then sold via Apple Books, Amazon and Audible around the world?

In this episode, I share my journey from idea to audiobook and we’ll go behind the scenes of creating the new audio edition of my book Red, White and Drunk All Over: A Wine-Soaked Journey from Grape to Glass (which you’ll hear me refer to as “RWD”).

I’ll also share with you some terrific sparkling wines that pair perfectly with ringing in the New Year.



  • How did I develop a love for listening?
  • Why did it take 12 years after the release of the print edition to record the RWD audiobook?
  • Why did I decide to self-publish my audiobook rather than work with my publisher Random House?
  • What is the process of creating an audiobook?
  • Why I considered the recording process to be a marathon for the mouth?
  • Which sparkling wines would I recommend for ringing in the New Year?




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