Getting Graphic with Wine and Madeline Puckette of Wine Folly

Getting Graphic with Wine Folly

Would you like to learn more about wine regions, but find it difficult to keep them all straight?

We know that tasting wine is a great way to learn about it, but did you know that the power of visuals can really accelerate your learning?

That’s exactly what we’re going to learn tonight with our guest who joins me live from Seattle.

Our guest this evening is Madeline Puckette, author of the New York times best-selling book Wine Folly!

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Here’s a sampling of our lively discussion from our tasting…

Cherie Cole34:34 Hi Madeline. In all of your travels and experiences, is there an underrated wine or region that you would recommend we learn more about?

Lynn van der Linde33:33 So great that you challenge the “old school” inside of the box thinking! What’s your favourite “out of the box” pairing?


Cherie Cole41:28 Thank you! I’ll be looking out for more Clear Lake wines and adding more Spanish wines to my collection.

Jason Gauvreau8:48 Hey Madeline, Jason from Calgary! Read your book, bought lots of your prints and love the colour of wine print! In the middle of my WSET 3 and recently joined the Jackson Family Wines family. LOVE YOUR WORK!!


Paul E Hollander0:00 Patti and I were visiting with our daughter and family. Set up the iPad and even our daughter’s dog found it interesting!


Rick Dalderis41:10 Kendall Jackson got started at Clear Lake. It’s California’s biggest lake.


Gail Harries1:51 Have not heard of either but just put the book in my amazon 


Beverly Asleson48:11 Loved her so much she must come back soon


Beverly Asleson41:09 I’ll have to check out the wines in Clear Lake thanks for the info.

Beverly Asleson33:24 I remember that eating dirt

Beverly Asleson16:17 Love the poster of the wines great idea.

Paul E Hollander2:24 Wine Folly yes. Just saw the Bordeaux 101.


Lori Kilmartin32:10 I notice your wine racks in back of you. Do you have a favourite grape/wine you drink?

Lori Kilmartin27:37 You should have been with us this afternoon Madeline – Fontanafredda – Barolo wine!!!


Lori Kilmartin21:07 Madeline you don’t look old enough to have done all that schooling!! Did you graduate at 16??? 

Lise Charest Gagne31:42 I absolutely love this story 


Lise Charest Gagne23:38 Madeleine I love the humour


Tom Dean24:03 Madeline has a wonderful way of speaking and telling her story.


Dave Head52:23 How often does Madeline get carded?


Cherie Cole55:24 I loved learning about the relation between wine colour and the PH level of the wine.


Rick Dalderis37:23 Have your every tried popcorn with champagne?


Jason Gauvreau16:09 I framed my colour of wine print the exact same way and hung it in my kitchen.


Mark Lai55:56 Loved learning how colour can indicate alcohol and PH


Murray Johnston53:58 I have both of your books Natalie and love them


Murray Johnston51:47 Will definitely go to indigo books and check your books out


Elaine Bruce56:34 Spanish wines are truly amazing!


Elaine Bruce49:35 Wine Folly YouTube videos are awesome. Thanks Madeline, for sharing your knowledge


Stephen Andrews54:43 Wow! Good show. Will look forward to the new book from Madeline.


Stephen Andrews58:38 I have learned a lot from wine Folly web site and Madeline’s you tube channel. She makes tasting and learning about the world of wine so much fun. I have taken your wine challenge from your book and have tasted over 45 of the 54 grape varieties you have chronicled. Thank you to Natalie for having you
on the Sunday sipper club.


Lise Charest Gagne7:32 I love the book I use it all the time


Beverly Asleson18:24 Love Malbec -lower acidity right


Lori Kilmartin49:04 Love your energy Madeline!!


Lise Charest Gagne2:25 I love her book I have it

Stephen Andrews

Stephen Andrews9:26 Hello Madeline, love your book.

Elaine Bruce

Elaine Bruce32:33 Think BIG !!! Great advice, Madeline !


Madeline Puckette


Madeline Puckette is the content director and co-founder of Wine Folly.

Her passion for helping beginners learn about wine is the inspiration behind the award-winning website, and the NYT best-selling book, Wine Folly: The Essential Guide to Wine. Puckette’s background in visual design, music and restaurant hospitality have helped shape her communication of wine through infographics, entertainment and social media.

Since the inception of the site on December 25, 2011, Puckette’s enigmatic wine designs have been featured in places like NPR, Fast Company Design and The Washington Post. The Wine Folly book has been published in 20 countries including Korea, Germany, Russia, China, France and Italy.

Accolades and Experience

Court of Masters, Certified Sommelier (Level 2)
40 Under 40, Wine Enthusiast Magazine, 2015–2016
Wine Blogger of the Year, International Wine and Spirits Competition, 2013-14
Top Wine Writer, Quora, 2012





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