10 Best Carmenère Wines to Buy Now + 5 Surprising Facts about Carmenère

decant red wineCarmenère is most widely planted in Chile, however, Carmenère did not get its start in Chile. You’ll find my Top 10 Carmenère reviews and ratings here.

5 Surprising Facts about Carmenère:

1. Carmenère originated in the Medoc region of Bordeaux, France. Montes Purple Angel

2. Used in France initially as a blending wine, or to produce deep dark wines, it disappeared from Europe in the mid 19th Century and showed up in Chile a hundred years later and has since become Chile’s premium grape.

3. Carmenère, a member of the Cabernet family of grapes, is the French word for Crimson (carmin), and is known as the deepest and darkest of red wine grape.

4. Carmenere needs lots of sunshine, warm summers and a long growing season to ripen.  It has been able to achieve this in Chile and therefore Chile has been able to produce some great wines that are rich in berry fruits and spice, such as blackberries and black pepper, recognizable for their rich intense color, smooth soft tannins and restrained acidity.

Black Hills Estate Carmenere

5. Carmenère offers aromas of dark fruits, chocolate and coffee.  On the palate, Carmenère has flavors of blackberries, chocolate, tobacco, leather, smoky cherries and spice.

Carmenère is a soft spicy red wine that pairs very well with spicy red meats.  It can also hold its own with tomato-based dishes as well as curried dishes.  Carmenère will also pair well with dark chocolate.

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