Wine Reviews App on CTV The Social: Pocket Sommelier + Barcode Scanner

The Social apps reviewOn today’s popular daytime talk show, CTV The Social’s technology columnist, Kate McKenna, profiles 5 smartphone apps that help you solve some of life’s time-consuming challenges, from finding a great parking spot in the city to deciding what to cook for dinner.

Watch The Social mobile app video (7 minute mark).

Kate included our Wine Reviews and Ratings app, which she describes as “an award-winning app that allows each of us to pretend we have a sommelier in our pocket. The Social app review Aug 2014 B

It offers up food pairings, top wines available at nearby locations and a ‘buy again’ list to track your preferred wines.”

“The best best part for me,” Kate says, “is the Scan the Barcode option. It’s as simple as it sounds.”

“Point your phone camera at the bottle, scan the barcode and up pops all the information you could ever want including ratings, food pairings and whether or not it’s in stock at wine stores nearby.”

“This one is a winner.”

Editor’s note: Since the show aired at 1 pm across the country, app downloads have been constant … 3,297 in the last 4 hours … let’s drink Canada Dry ;)

Download the free wine reviews app here.

The Social app review Aug 2014 A

Posted with permission of CTV.



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