How to Taste Wine Like a Pro at a Winery or Restaurant

Winery Visits The Social Sept 2014On CTV’s The Social yesterday, we chatted about how to get the most from your winery visit, including what to bring, what to ask and how to spit your wine.

You can watch the full video here.

However, when you’re at home, please don’t spit the two lovely wines that I selected for this show: Rosehall Run Pinot Noir and Viewpointe Auxerrois ;)

I absolutely love it when there’s a strong reaction to any segment we do on The Social: it means we’re engaged and passionate about wine!

When I mention that there shouldn’t be sediment floating around in your glass, I’m referring to wines that we decant for that reason.

I’m a huge fan of unfiltered and unfined wines that we don’t decant, and often these styles receive my highest scores in my reviews and are the focus of my writing in my books.

These are the wines with all the stuffing and character still in them. Yes please!

Stay tuned for our next chat on The Social.







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