Canadian Cheese and Wine Tasting: Video Chat

Our second Canadian wine and cheese Google Video tasting below was terrific! We had just as much fun as the first tasting, but this time we incorporated more pairing tips and background on the cheeses. We’re pioneering the use of this hottest new social media tool, so each time is a technical leap forward and we’ll continue to optimize it.



If you’d like to taste along with us, you’ll find all the cheeses and wines in this first post, as well as the names and sites for all the great participants. Kick back during an evening at home and listen to the discussion as you sip and nibble, or watch it bits and pieces when you have time. That’s the beauty of a video-recorded event versus a live one: you can pause the speaker (and even mute it).

By the way, don’t try that saber knife trick at home to sheer off your bottle as Travis did … he is a professional stuntman by training. (Well, actually he’s a high school teacher, but nonetheless, he had practised.)

Let us know what you’d suggest for future video chats, both for the wines and the foods we pair with them.



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