Vegetarian Wines with Sommelier Instructor Video

Seitan Zen1In our second video chat below, Dave Loan shares some specific vegetarian and wine pairings, such as the Seitan dish above, which is a protein made from high-gluten flour, has the texture of a cutlet and a higher protein value than beef.

He coats it in a pecan crust, pan fries it and serves it with a black rice cake, sautéed vegetables, a thick tomato chutney and a robust red wine. Dave also discusses his course on New World wines for the sommelier program at Algonquin College.

What’s the most memorable wine and vegetarian pairing you’ve ever tried? Worst? Why didn’t it work?

What’s the most surprising thing that students learn as part of the course you teach on New World wines at Algonquin College?

What’s been the most important influence that the Old World has had on the New World?

How about the New World on the Old?

Are there particular New World wines do well with vegetarian dishes?

You can also watch part one of our conversation on wine and vegetarian pairing.

Tapas Zen1

The Zen Tapas plate above is a shared appetizer with a number of small dishes on it: salad rolls with a peanut dipping sauce; house pickles; raw kale chips; hand-cut potato chips; grilled tofu skewers with an apple butter-miso glaze. Find out which wine Dave likes to pair with it.

Ravioli Zen1

Dave and Caroline make their ravioli in-house, and fill it with mushrooms and soya. Theysmoke the tomatoes and onions in natural wood smoke to give the tomato sauce an intense flavour, and garnish with a cheesy Mornay sauce. Can you guess which wine works well?

Insieme Colaneri 2010Casa Lapostolle Sauvignon Blanc 2009

Casa Lapostolle Sauvignon Blanc

Colaneri Insieme

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