The Ancient Greeks Invented the Concept of Pairing Wine and Food Together

Last week in Toronto, I attended a terrific tasting of Greek wines, with more than 40 Greek wineries pouring more than 120 wines at the Royal Ontario Museum (thus the dino).

According to the Greek embassy of economic and trade affairs, Greek wine exports to Canada are up 66% since 2010 and are also up 7.5 percent so far in 2017.


Last night, we were joined by a special guest, Christina Boutari, North America Brand Ambassador of her family’s wines, to chat about them as well as the surprising changes in Greek wines.

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Boutari Brand Ambassador

Christina is the middle sister of the fifth generation of the Boutari Family, the great granddaughter of Yiannis Boutaris, founder of The Boutari Winery in 1879. Her father, Constantine Boutari, is the current President and CEO.

Boutari is the oldest wine family in Greece with 6 wineries around Greece in the major wine growing regions in Naoussa, Goumenissa, Attica, Peloponnese, Santorini and Crete.

Christina was born in Thessaloniki, North Greece. She studied Psychology and Dance at the American College of Greece and she has a Masters Degree in Organizational Psychology at the London School of Economics. She holds WSET Level 3 (Wines & Spirtis Education Trust Advanced Certificate).
Senior Wine Professional with twelve years of experience in the Wine Business.

Expert in the Strategy, Marketing, Sales and Distribution of premium bottled wine with solid expertise in the Greek and the North America market. Inherent passion for wine and all aspects around it.

Christina is responsible for the growth of Boutari Winery’s exports in N. America and her goal is to make Boutari a highly acclaimed International brand. She believes that Greek Wine has a huge potential in the International Market.






Greece Blog post # 2Let’s thank the ancient Greeks for food-friendly wines

Before the Greeks came along, people ate or they drank, but didn’t really put them together.  You might think food would get stuck in their throats without having something to drink, but it took the Greeks to notice what was missing.

One of the food-friendliest, red wines in Greece is made from the Agiorgitiko (ah-yohr-YEE-tee-koh) grape.  Agiorgitiko is often called Nemea for the region where it originated and is still most widely found and is also known as St. George’s grape, which, fortunately, is the literal translation of Agiorgitiko.

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Dinner at Greek Restaurant

The wines come in a wide range of styles but are often compared to Cabernet Sauvignon with a similar flavor of prunes and plums and tannins that beg for dishes like stews and grilled meats.  In other words, enjoy this wine with food.  Thank-you, Greece.

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Wines Tasted

Click on links below for tasting notes and store availability

Note: reviews of these wines were conducted independently. Details here.



Boutari Agiorgitiko 2015
Nemea, Greece



Boutari Moschofilero 2015
Mantinia, Greece


 Santo Assyrtiko 2015

Santorini Pdo, Greece










Boutari Grande Reserve Xinomavro 2010
Boutari Grande Reserve Xinomavro 2010

Naoussa P.D.O., Greece



Natalie MacLean

Natalie MacLean · 2:30 Here are the wines we’re tasting tonight with Christina Boutari: More

Tom Dean
 Tom Dean · 22:24 I grew up in East York (Toronto) in a Greek – Italian neighborhood, and know all the foods but not the wines, beyond their home-made.
Rachelle O'Connor
Rachelle O’Connor · 44:32 Really enjoying this tonight – so interesting! Thank you Natalie and Christina! P.S. The boutique hotel in the vineyard sounds divine!
Carrie Mac Donald
Carrie Mac Donald · 29:44 I have found that greek reds can be lighter bodied should I be looking for something different?
Carrie Mac Donald
Carrie Mac Donald · 7:08 I had a customer looking for a Malvasia white. Not easy to find. What can you tell me about it?
Carrie Mac Donald
Carrie Mac Donald · 4:24 Hey Cuz! Cannot wait to learn more about Greek wines!
Lise Charest Gagne
Lise Charest Gagne · 29:40 I would love some coconut shrimp with this Moschofilero
Lise Charest Gagne
Lise Charest Gagne · 12:59 i wonder if our winner Emilly could tell the difference between this and Pinot Gris :)
Lise Charest Gagne
Lise Charest Gagne · 3:18 Hello Miss Natatie Im feeling Greeky tonight drinking Boutari Moschofilerao
Stephen Andrews
Stephen Andrews · 34:24 I will be on Crete in November. Do you have a winery there?
Stephen Andrews
 Stephen Andrews · 20:41 Do the better red Greek wines need to age longer in the bottle?
Stephen Andrews
Stephen Andrews · 14:33 Drinking musgoflio with apple maple smoked BBQ match is good.
Tom Dean
Tom Dean · 4:17 Hi from Cambridge… and wish I had a glass of Greek wine.. even Retsina would do!!
Oenologize · 37:18 Christina does your winery produce any Mavrodaphne? Ive never tried one. What are they like?
Sam Hauck
Sam Hauck · 24:23 On the bucket list – drink Greek wines at Greek cafes, drink Greek wines on a beach in Greece . . . . . . . .
Carrie Mac Donald
Carrie Mac Donald · 33:49 Thanks. This specimen makes me want to research more!
Lise Charest Gagne
Lise Charest Gagne · 56:11 great session – zero spitting here tonight – this is my new patio wine
Oenologize · 3:41 Hi Natalie! Hi Christina! Thanks for presenting for us today (tonight!)
Carrie Mac Donald
Carrie Mac Donald · 13:09 I had forgotten about greek white being so crisp and nice
Douglas Trapasso
Douglas Trapasso · 4:32 come to Greektown here on the west side of chicago
Tom Dean
Tom Dean · 8:09 Seeking a good greek wine pairing for Lamb Souvlaki and Loukoumades
Tom Dean
Tom Dean · 15:49 Any dessert wines? for Baklava?
Oenologize · 8:15 Aghiorghitiko = “Are you good to go”
Tom Dean
Tom Dean · 21:27 Yes.. baklava
Stephen Andrews
Stephen Andrews · 46:26 Should I be drinking this Moschofilero at room temperature or chilled?
Oenologize · 22:58 Muscat of Samos – with Baklava?



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