Flying with Flavour: Travel and Wine Stories with Stephanie Piché (Video)

Our guest this evening is Stephanie Piché, Dining & Travel Expert, Founder of Legacy Service Academy and Podcast Host & Producer of “Flying For Flavour

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Tell me about the secret cellar in Nice, France, you visited.

What about the time you were sipping wine in a vineyard in Australia with a kangaroo nibbling 20 feet away and a helicopter taking off from the parking lot?



Top Fan

Elaine Bruce10:58 Great stories ! I’m heading to Burgundy in June! Cant wait

Top Fan

Lori Kilmartin16:37 Ohhh Stephanie. One of my best friends is spending her 3rd winter in Spain. They LOVE it!!

Andrea Shapiro55:51 Thank you Natalie and Stephanie! Amazing stories, and infectious travel passions!



You’re just back from the Niagara Wine Festival: what’s the most important way that it’s different from other wine festivals, other than it takes place in winter?

What weird or unusual activities are part of the festival?



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Sam Hauck28:27 Taste Washington is an amazing event in Seattle. You need more than one day to even scratch the surface.

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Dave Head3:23 We are heading to Algarve soon, any tips




What’s something that would surprise people about icewine?

What’s the weirdest pairing you’ve had with icewine?


Alan Cameron52:49 Stephanie”s the BOMB ! Grwat plugs for “The CHEF with a HUGE heart”
Sonya Latchman16:27 What’s the best wine trip to do in Spain?




Any to avoid?

What are your top three wine festivals to attend? Why those?


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Lori Kilmartin27:29 Vinitaly? Have you been?

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Claire Dumais55:41 Yes, she is a great guest. She’s a pleasure to listen to.




You answered this question on your own podcast, and I love it: If you could open your own winery, which wines would you make (and why, other than you love them)?

What would you call the winery?


Peter Neilson56:36 Interesting guest and interview.
Top Fan

Lori Sweet33:01 I always thought ice wine was for dessert until Natalie MacLean showed us about pairing with cheese..




Now let’s turn to another Canadian wine region: Nova Scotia. You hosted several podcasts on this region with terrific insights.

L’Acadie Blanc is NS’s flagship white wine, but it was developed in Ontario. Why didn’t it work in Ontario, but thrived in NS?


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Lori Sweet19:06 just added Spain and Albarino to my list.

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Paul E Hollander55:47 This has been a truly wonderful evening. Thank you both!




If NS is cooler, then why wouldn’t it work say north of Picton or in Ottawa?

Why did Mike Mainguy bury three barrels of wine at Luckett winery? How deep was the hole? What was he risking? What happened? Why? How long does he age wines down there now?


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Beverly Asleson55:24 Thank you Stephanie I really enjoyed this evening.

Elizabeth MacSween19:47 Pinchos, grilled octopus and Albariño, perfect!
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Lori Sweet46:50 Great guest! Just subscribed to the podcast.




How is this similar to what California vintners are experimenting with in aging wine in the ocean?

What advice would you give to your 30-year-old self?


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Sam Hauck18:56 Albarino is an underappreciated wine.

Alan Cameron42:24 Good Guest !!! Outstanding audio connection too !
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Sam Hauck54:41 Stephanie has been a delight. Great guest.




What’s the best piece of wine advice you’ve ever received?

What’s the most useful wine gadget you’ve come across? How did you discover it? Please show it to us.

If you could share a bottle of wine with any person in the world, living or dead, who would that be? What would you ask them?


Connie McMahon58:17 Don’t want to put anyone else down, but this was my favourite video so far! Very interesting!
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Lori Sweet41:35 Luckett Vineyards was most recent article. I love Phone Booth Red

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Claire Dumais56:59 Thanks to you Natalie for inviting her !




Peter Neilson2:37 Peter Neilson – the Montes Alpha is opening up, and mellowing out nicely. I enjoyed your Podcast with Stephanie. Weather here was sunny, but quite cold for Essex County.
Donnah Whitaker40:05 Speaking of Lush, that’s the name of Ontario’s Two Sisters’ pink sparkling wine.




Peter Neilson8:41 Online, live right now! Very interesting.


Donnah Whitaker56:16 Great show tonight!




Elizabeth MacSween0:00 The day I went to Montes, I had been to VIK for horseback riding, lunch and a tour of their amazing vineyard! I kept pinching myself to make sure I was actually experiencing something that fabulous. This was after a week of hiking in Patagonia….can’t recommend Chile more highly. Thank you for the entertaining and informative evening. Elizabeth


Stephanie Piche0:00 Here’s the quick link to my Facebook page for those who want to keep in touch and follow along my crazy food-and-drink lovin’ journey… Hey there! Lovely to meet you online tonight! Make sure to follow my Facebook biz page for all the links, wine recs etc…it’s much more active there than on my personal page.




Andrea Shapiro0:00 Love Stephanie Piché, can’t wait!
Top Fan

Beverly Asleson12:36 Which country did you like the best and their wines?



Stephanie Piché

Stephanie was literally born into the kitchen. All the women on both sides of her family are happiest when they are together cooking and serving food. Stephanie grew up in this atmosphere of love and laughter while learning family recipes that have been handed down for generations. It is this legacy that she safeguards and honours with the name of her company – Legacy Events Inc.

Although tradition is important to Stephanie, in her culinary arts she pushes traditional flavour boundaries at every opportunity by blending her intuition with her adventurous side to concoct an ever growing bounty of mouth-watering dishes.

Known for her unique and innovative ingredient combinations, Stephanie is a chef whose recipes continually surprise and delight. Her distinctive pairings of food and wines reveal a true gift for heightening the fine cuisine experience.

On her never-ending quest for new flavours and experiences, she has travelled the world to over 30 countries (actually…33 and counting!) to gather insight and knowledge in international travel, luxury dining, local recipes and the world’s best wines.

With her own website and podcast dedicated to all things food, drink and travel, Stephanie meets, chats and consults with people all over the world through Skype, social media and in person whenever she can.

From cooking and wine classes, food and travel writing, corporate & public events to community fundraisers, Stephanie shares her life’s passions with grace and panache in her signature sparkle and high heels.

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