Can You Guess This Wine’s Price? (Video)

On Global Television’s Morning Show, we chat about whether you judge a bottle of wine by its label, or at least, by its price?

Does an expensive wine guarantee you a better one?

We play a fun game. The hosts taste two wines and try to guess which wine they think is more expensive of the two.

I share some details about the two wines as hints ;)

Can you guess which wine is pricier before the hosts do?

Play the game with us!







Santa Margherita Brut Valdobbiadene Superiore Prosecco
Veneto D.O.C.G., Italy

Vines are planted 300 – 500 m (985 – 1,640 ft.) above sea level (730 – 1,415 per acre)

The base wine is put into pressurized tanks for the prise de mousse. There it ferments for 18-20 days, with the aid of selected yeasts, at a controlled temperature of 14-16 °C (57-61 °F).

When the desired pressure has been obtained (around 6 bars), the wine is chilled to – 4° C in order to arrest the fermentation and encourage stabilization. The sparkling wine is then kept at a controlled temperature of 8-10 °C (46-50 °F) for at least a month, in order to favor its natural maturation in contact with the yeasts that have deposited on the bottom of the pressurized tank.

At the end of this phase, filtration and isobaric bottling is carried out. This refreshing sparkling wine has aromas of lime citrus and lemon zest.








Ca’ del Bosco Cuvée Prestige Brut Franciacorta
Lombardy D.O.C.G., Italy

This Italian sparkling wine is made from Chardonnay 75%, Pinot Bianco 10%, Pinot Nero 15%. The grapes are hand-picked from vines that are 30-years-old.

The bunches go to a “berry spa” where they’re individually washed before pressing.

The wine is made using the traditional Champagne method with the second fermentation in the bottle.

The wine from the current harvest is blended with the best years of previous vintages.

It’s matured for 2 years before release before disgorgement.









Thalia Sauvignon Blanc Vilana 2017
Peza, Greece





The vines for this limited edition wine are planted in Crete on the northern part of the island, protected from the warm African winds by the mountains that crisscross the island from east to west.

This is a blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Vilana grapes.

The wine offers lovely notes of tropical fruit, melon and white flowers.

A racy, mouth-watering acidity is perfect for seafood, Chinese dishes with sweet and sour sauces, white meat and Greek dishes.








Wine Art Estate Plano Malagousia 2018
Macedonia, Greece





This full-bodied, complex Greel white wine is made with the native varietal Malagousia which is an intensely aromatic grape. The colour is yellow pale with greenish reflections.

The nose is marked by explosive aromas of citrus fruits, white flowers and bergamot orange.

This wine offers juicy acidity and a long finish. Pair with field greens, seafood, shellfish or Asian cuisine.





Benziger Family Winery Cabernet Sauvignon 2016
Sonoma County, California, United States

This lovely, robust Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon is produced with certified-sustainable wine grapes.

The grapes are planted in premiere benchland vineyards and mountain ranches and are grown to naturally yield smaller crops that result in intensely coloured and flavoured wine.

The wine was aged in oak for 16 months. The 2016 growing season offered great weather for hanging fruit to reach full maturity in the fall.

Aromas of fleshy ripe dark berries and plums with smoke and spice. Pair with grilled meats.








Benziger Family Winery Tribute 2015
Sonoma, California, United States

This wine is made entirely from estate-grown grapes, and is a Bordeaux blend of predominantly Cabernet Sauvignon.

Tribute is the first Demeter-certified Biodynamic® wine from Sonoma County and one of the first from North America.

Biodynamics is the most advanced and holistic form of organic agriculture, in which the farm itself is viewed as a living organism. It’s different from organic and sustainable farming with its ability to revitalize and individualize a property. The roots of the vines thrust down deeply into the soils to get water and nutrients.

The 2015 vintage was the fourth year of the severe drought which reduced yields but intensified the flavours of the remaining grapes.

This is a blockbuster wine, deeply flavoured and complex with fine tannins. Great candidate for your cellar.

Decant two hours and enjoy with a rare steak.





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