Wine and Vegetarian Pairing Video

David Loan

In our video chat below, David Loan, co-owner of Ottawa’s best vegetarian restaurant, Zen Kitchen, chats about pairing wine with vegetarian dishes.

In particular, he discusses styles of wine that work well with vegetarian dishes and how both protein and umami play a pivotal role. And why is it that green vegetables always seem to clash with tannic, red wines? Is there any hope for a wine lover when it comes to artichokes and asparagus?

Are there any general guidelines you suggest when pairing wine with vegetarian dishes?

Are there particular styles of wine that tend to work well? Don’t work?

What’s the toughest vegetarian dish or food on wine?

Why do green vegetables often clash with tannic red wines?

Asparagus and artichoke known as wine killers: what’s your advice on them?

Here’s part two of our conversation, Dave Loan talks about the course he teaches on New World wines at Algonquin’s sommelier program.

Zen KitchenZen Kitchen
634 Somerset Street West
Ottawa, Ontario



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