Drinking the Green: St. Patrick’s Day Wines

Sparkly green chalice with bowler hat and gold coins

March 17 is St. Patrick’s Day … which begs the question:

Is there any wine that pairs with corned beef and cabbage?

This in turn begs the question: Can we skip the corned beef and cabbage and just have wine?

No matter.

Traditional matches for this Irish meal usually include Irish stout, like Guinness. But what about wine?st patricks greenwine

Corned beef is salty and cabbage is skunky: is there a wine for that?

Yes, as long as you avoid those wines with a strong sulphur smell or taste, as well as big red wines with heavy tannins and oak.

Your best bet is a zesty white wine, such as pinot blanc or sauvignon blanc.

If you insist on a red wine, then try those with juicy berry flavour and smooth tannins like Californian Zinfandel.

You can also go with the no-fail choice of sparkling wine …

… those refreshing bubbles will have your Irish eyes smiling.

Here are my Top 10 Green Wine & Food Matches – lucky for your taste buds.



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