Shipping Wine Across Canada: Bill C-311 and Beyond

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In the video chat below, Member of Parliament Dan Albas talks about what Bill C-311 means for Canadian wine lovers and wineries today, and what needs to happen next. Can we call a winery in another province and order wine, or only purchase on site? Is there any limit on how much? Is just Canadian wine or all wine?

Ontario produces the majority of wine in this country so do you think the Ontario wine industry has more to lose than the BC wine industry if provincial borders are open?

About 90% of BC wine is consumed in the province: do they really need to ship across the country? Do they have the volume or is it about increasing demand so that prices can go up?

This is only for individuals, not restaurants?

It’s not related to shipping Canadian wine internationally?

What still needs to be done to have free and open shipping across the country?

You can watch part two of our conversation about shipping Canadian wine across the country here.


Dan Albas, his wife Tara and their four daughters live in the Okanagan Valley’s West Kelowna, B.C. On June 28, 2012, Dan became one of the first MPs in recent history to have a Private Members Bill (Bill C-311) become law with the unanimous all party support of both the House of Commons and the Canadian Senate.

Bill C-311 “An Act to amend the Importation of intoxicating liquors Act” amended a prohibition era law to prevented the free trade of wine over provincial boarders. For his work on Bill C-311, Dan was awarded the 2013 “Wine person of the year” by the National Capital Sommelier Guild.

You can follow his personal blog, where he chronicles his life as the Member of Parliament for Okanagan-Coquihalla.
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