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I have to confess: I am obsessed with Alicia Florrick, the successful attorney on The Good Wife, and Olivia Pope, the high-powered Washington D.C. “fixer” on Scandal.

In this episode, I’m going to share with you my secret obsession with the wine drinking habits of these women on television and what I believe that says about our cultural relationship with wine.



  • How have alcoholic beverages featured with women on TV changed over time?
  • What do Alicia Florrick and Olivia Pope have in common with Philip Marlowe?
  • How does wine act as a key plot device on Scandal?
  • Does red or white wine pair better with political intrigue?
  • Have the extra-large glasses featured on many TV shows impacted the real-life wine world?
  • Do TV’s leading men share in the wine habits of the leading women?
  • Why do I connect so much with Alicia Florrick and Olivia Pope?
  • What is the common thread connecting many of these wine moments on TV?




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