La Ferme Du Mont Wines: Harvesting Grapes for Energy

By Mymi The Singing SommelierLa Ferme Stephane

You open a bottle of wine, pour yourself a glass, sniff, and slowly take it in…

While sipping, it’s natural to focus on the flavors of the wine and how the alcohol feels floating through your veins, but how often do you get the chance to taste a wine with the person who actually made it?

I was thrilled to have that opportunity and enjoy a luncheon organized by Eurovintage with Stéphane Vedeau, vigneron from “La Ferme Du Mont” in the Southern part of Les Côtes du Rhône.

His estate is comprised of 50 hectares over various AOC’s devoted to organic viticulture in a region of France where Romans were said to have cultivated the land for winemaking purposes since 121 BC!

Stéphane’s demeanor is humble; he wears jeans, and when asked about his land, his wines, the region and anything in-between, he becomes a walking encyclopedia punctuating anecdotes with mind-blowing chemistry.

His passion is palpable.

Wine Bottles

As each wine is poured and tasted, common elements become obvious; stunning quality & structure, delicate balance and a refreshing acidity.

Even more delightful and surprising were the subtleties of flavours that Stéphane was able to achieve despite being in that very hot Mediterrean climate.

Salad Plate

It just goes to show that anything is possible in the hands of a dedicated winemaker.

MymiMymi is a sommelier, singer-songwriter, musician and voice-over artist with a serious and contagious passion for wine, food and music.

When asked why she is so enthusiastic about wine, she replies; “Wine connects so many elements of life that I absolutely love! From growing herbs and vegetables to cooking, eating, travelling, entertaining, studying… There is always something new to learn in the world of wine. Sharing my knowledge with people, no matter their level of expertise, is something I sincerely enjoy.”

Her qualifications include certifications from The Court of Master Sommeliers, The International Sommelier Guild, The Society of Wine Educators, The Ontario Wine Council and most recently, The French Wine Society.  Being a performer, it is with ease that she shares her knowledge in a down-to-earth, exciting, comprehensible and unpretentious way.

She is completing the French Wine Society’s Master-Level program studying the region of Provence, is in the early stages of creating a food/wine/music show, is a regular contributor to and is currently recording her first all-French album.

Stephane talks about harvesting his Grenache.

By Alex and Priya, A Vine Romance

Stephane Vedeau (2)

The passion and respect for the grapes and the winemaking process is so evident when you listen to Stephane speak. It’s clear that this is something he does for love, not for money.

It’s also refreshing to see that this type of ‘artistry’ still exists in such a commercial industry.

Stephane talks about his crisp, refreshing rose.

We also love his approach to winemaking–to allow the grapes to do their thing and not interfere too much, rather to serve as a guide and help them along.

We likened this approach to being a parent–watching your children grow and guiding them to be the best they can be without trying to make them what you want them to be.


Alex & Priya - A Vine RomanceAlex and Priya are not only wine lovers, but lovers in real life. No wine snobbery here — they’re all about bringing wine back to the masses.

Newfoundlander, Alex may have model looks (yes, he was a Harlequin cover model in another life!) but he is also a Certified Sommelier who lives, breathes, and of course, drinks wine. Alex is very passionate about wine and was the sole person in a class of over 200 to earn a perfect score on his Wine Specialist Exam in Napa, CA!

With her background as a comic performer and producer, Priya is a consummate and entertaining hostess. She’s produced and hosted events for groups of 100 to over 2000 people so she knows a thing or two about how to get things done and get them done right.

Together they aim to make wine fun, flirty and accessible regardless of your income bracket. Let us make your next wine tour or event truly memorable!

La Ferme Du Mont La Truffiere 2014 No. 2



La Ferme Du Mont La Truffière 2014
Côtes Du Rhone, France



La Ferme Du Mont Rose 2014




La Ferme Du Mont Rose 2014
Côtes Du Rhône-Villages, France




La Ferme Du Mont Clos Bellane 2012



La Ferme Du Mont Clos Bellane 2012
Côtes Du Rhône-Villages, France




La Ferme Du Mont 2012




La Ferme Du Mont 2012
Côtes Du Rhône-Villages, A.C. France




Le Ferme Du Mont Le Ponnant 2012




Le Ferme Du Mont Le Ponnant 2012
Côtes Du Rhône-Villages A.C., France




Clos Bellane Valreas 2013


Clos Bellane Valréas 2013
Côtes Du Rhône-Villages A.P., France






La Ferme Du Mont Cotes Jugunda Gigondas 2013




La Ferme Du Mont Côtes Jugunda Gigondas 2013
Rhône A.P., France




La Ferme Du Mont 2012 End



La Ferme Du Mont 2012
Chateauneuf-du-Pape, Rhone, France





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