The Ancient Greeks Invented Invented Map Making — to Help You Find Their Wines

The ancient Greeks invented map making. They had to help people find their wines.

 As the third-most mountainous country in Europe, Greece’s distinct topography enables the cultivation of cool weather grapes in a warm weather climate, an unexpected attribute of Greek wines and their diverse terrior.  But it can also make them hard to find.

Hence, the need for maps.

One of Greece’s greatest white wines comes from the Moschofilero (MOHS-koh-FEE-leh-roh) grape. If you’ve been looking for a dry Riesling but always find them too sweet, Moschofilero is for you.

It has an aromatic, floral bouquet so its dryness will surprise you. It’s the perfect wine for summer entertaining.

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Moschofilero is most found in the region of Mantinia. If you’re traveling by foot from the north, you’ll have to cross some pretty big mountain ranges and if by boat, you can land on the shores of the Ioanian Sea before you start out for a long hike across the Peloponnese. But a good Greek map will certainly help.

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