Trump versus Clinton Wine Debate: Vote for Your Favorite!


Last Sunday, we hosted a live video taste-off between three wines from Trump Winery in Virginia and Clinton Vineyards in New York.

It was so much fun!

You can watch the video replay below by clicking on the arrow for this first (and final) Great Whine Debate …

and read the 60+ comments on Facebook … you can still comment and vote ;)



This “debate” was focused on the wines (not the candidates), though there was room to wonder if a wine lacks aromas and is going through a dumb stage, to another one having a long, bitter finish.

I forgot to mention though that we were sadly lacking in orange wines …


Clearly, there were no political sediments expressed (or eaten): it was all about the whine.

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Trump v Clinton #Wine Debate > Who gets your vote? #election2016

Wineglasses filled with colored liquid - illustrating concepts such as Workplace Diversity, Democrat versus Republican, or Dare to be Different.











Trump Blanc De Blanc Brut Sparkling Wine 2009
Monticello, Virginia, United States












Trump Chardonnay 2015
Monticello, Virginia, United States












Trump Meritage 2016
Monticello, Virginia, United States












Clinton Vineyards Jubilee
Hudson River, New York, United States












Clinton Vineyards Presidential Selection Victory White Seyval Blanc 2016
Hudson River, New York, United States












Clinton Vineyards Pinot Noir 2014
North Fork, Long Island, New York, United States



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