10 Best Baco Noir Wines to Buy Now + 5 Surprising Facts about Baco Noir

niagarawinelakesmallBaco Noir is a cross between Folle Blanche (one of the grapes used to make Cognac) and Vitis Riparia, the hybrid discovered by Francois Baco, a native of Southwestern France.

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5 Surprising Facts about Baco Noir:

1. It was once grown throughout France, but the European Union has imposed restrictions on its commercial use, along with other hybrids.  Henry of Pelham Baco Noir 2

2. In 1951, Baco Noir was brought to Canada and is commonly grown in Ontario, Nova Scotia and British Columbia.

3. Baco Noir is an early ripening, winter-hardy varietal suited to Canada’s cool climate. It has become Canada’s most successful red hybrid wine.

4. Baco Noir grapes are known for producing highly pigmented wines, and in some circles, it is considered the “great teeth-stainer.”  Baco Noir grapes also have a very distinct acidity and normally require some cellar time to soften this assertive acidity.
5. Look for aromas of red fruit, cedar, wildflowers, leather and oak in Baco Noir.  On the palate, you’ll find flavors of blueberry, blackberry, and  plums.

Baco Noir can also be earthy, smoky, medium-bodied, and low in tannins.  As it ages over five to fifteen years, Baco Noir becomes a complex, full-bodied wine that accompanies red meats very well.  Other pairings include hamburgers, ribs and lamb.

The wines will also go well with any tomato-based dish because of its high acidity, as well as with pasta and pizza.

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