BC Wines Toast Large Twitter Tasting

BCwine#1EBCwine#1DBC wineries celebrated a vibrant wine tasting on Twitter last night. The positive energy and support from the wine community coast to coast poured out in tweets that came rapid-fire one after the other.

Dan1A tasting event like this proves what we can build and create together using these new social media tools. Not only did we support our homegrown producers, but we showed our strength and commitment to having access to all of our wines across this country. Ontario wants more BC, BC wants more Ontario and Canada wants more Canada.

Dan2We were fortunate to have @DanAlbas join us last night. He’s the member of parliament instrumental in the passing of Bill C-311 that removed federal restrictions prohibiting Canadians from moving wine purchased for personal use from one province to another.

You can also find “physical” tastings of BC wines with various festivals and wine professionals across the country this year.

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Here are some snippets from the conversation below, though they represent a small portion of a large and vibrant conversation. BCwine19ABCwine18BCwine17BCwine16BCwine15BCwine14BCwine19BBCwine13BCwine12BBCwine12ABCwine11BCwine10BCwine7BCwine6BCwine5BCwine4BCwine3




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