About the Blog

About the Blog


After ten years of resistance and sheer stubbornness, I’ve finally launched a blog! Why did I resist so long?

Well, I worried about whether I could keep the content fresh and wondered if anyone would  it read it all. Now you can see why I drink for a living. What I’d like to know from you is what you’d like me to cover and how you’d like me to approach this? Do you really want to know what I drank last night or should we keep it high level?

I’d also welcome any feedback on making the blog user-friendly from layout to navigation. Here are a few tips about the blog:

– click on any of the social media icons below, such as Twitter, Facebook and others to share what you’re reading with the world, or at least, your world

– feel free to comment on any of the posts here: while all comments will be moderated to keep things friendly, I really don’t mind constructive criticism and lively debate, so fire away

– whenever a new batch of wine reviews, event, recipe, article or glossary term is posted on the site, you’ll know about it here first

– the RSS feed for my site now ties to this blog so you can choose to follow all new posts or just selective streams such as only new batches of wine reviews or recipes

Let’s see how it goes and if I’m talking to myself and this glass of wine, well then, I suppose that’s not much different to my life before the blog. I’m nervously waiting to hear from you!






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