Wine Mobile App: Pocket Sommelier to Buy Better Wine

Feel lost in the liquor store? Wine mobile apps are changing the way we buy wine.

It’s like having a pocket sommelier or your best friend who’s wine savvy shopping with you. 2014 app right facing small 2202014 top 20 food apps

Scan a bar code and instantly access:

– wine reviews and ratings

– food pairings

– current stock of each wine in the liquor store closest to you

– add wines to your virtual cellar log

Download the free wine app now.

This video is part of our continuing series on wine education videos with Canadian Press (CP) that are posted on the major daily newspaper web sites across the country.

Posted with permission.



Mobile apps, I think, are ideally suited to buying and learning about wine. Basically, what a wine app allows you to do, is walk up to this wall of bottles, especially if you don’t know a lot about the wines, just scan the bar code and up comes my wine review, if you’re using my app, the price, the stock in your local liquor store, food pairings, that sort of thing. And then you can save it to your virtual cellar log so that you can remember it next time.

I think a lot of people come to wine from food. So, no one is – or very few people are intimidated by a rare juicy steak or a salad. But they are less sure about which wine to pair with that. So I’m having a steak tonight, which wine? And it will give you suggested pairings.

So not just Chardonnay or Cabernet, but which wines in your closest liquor store right now, that are available in your price points. So it’s very curated content. It’s real time, using GPS inventory. It knows where you are. It knows where the liquor stores are and it’s going to help you find that wine that you want for tonight, based on what you’re having for dinner.

I think another aspect of wine in general, is a consumer product category that makes it really well-suited to a mobile app, is just the amount of choice. It’s literally staggering. A million producers, 5 to 20 wines each, changes every year.

And that’s why you’ve got a lot of intimidation in this category, a lot of choice, but where mobile apps can really help sort through the clutter and then get the reviews by vintage or by price point or by region. It really, it’s that curated content aspect right now, right here, where I am right now, that really makes a wine app valuable.




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