Wine and Junk Food Pairing from Maverick Mike

chips and wineAnyone can pair filet mignon and cabernet sauvignon. But how about a bag of Doritos or a Snickers bar? Should you even try? Mike Pierce, sommelier and co-owner of San Francisco’s Maverick wine bar. says yes. In the video chat below, he shares his tips on how to find delicious shabby-chic combos.

Why do we only think of beer or pop with junk food?

Why even bother to pair wine and junk food?

I’ve heard that your Road to Damascus experience with wine and junk was triggered by Cool Ranch Doritos. Why they were so hard to pair with wine?

Have you ever found a snack that you just couldn’t pair with wine?

Do the principles of food and wine matching apply?

Are there certain types of wines that tend to work well? That don’t?Froot Loops

We’ll post part two of our chat on Thursday with some specific and fun matches, including the breakfast of champions above.


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