Visit Tinhorn Creek Winery this spring or summer

Visit Tinhorn Creek Winery this spring or summer

Spring is always an exciting time of year around a winery and this year is no exception. Pruning is completed and buds are starting to form on vines. Bottling is well underway and anticipation of new releases. The official start to wine season, the South Okanagan Winery Association (SOWA) Banee, was this past weekend in Osoyoos and Vancouver Playhouse starts this week, followed by the Okanagan Spring Wine Festival. There are some great events at all of these festivals so be sure to attend some of them.
On May 1st the first of the 2009 Varietal Series white wines will be released at the winery. Our Pinot Gris is a true expression of South Okanagan wine. About 50% of the fruit for the Pinot Gris comes from our Tinhorn Creek Vineyard (Golden Mile Bench) and the other half from our Diamondback Vineyard (Black Sage Bench). Each bench has its own unique terroir and combining the fruit from both benches creates a Pinot Gris that cannot be duplicated.


The 2009 Pinot Gris is lively and refreshing with aromas of crisp green apples, juicy peaches and a hint of honey. Citrus, apple, and peach combine on the palate and lead to a clean, crisp finish. Enjoy our Pinot Gris with spicy dishes such as Thai curries or try it with smoky dishes like smoked pork chops.

The second wine to be released on May 1st is our Gewurztraminer. This wine is always a favourite to sit and enjoy on our patio or at one of our concerts (Bedouin Soundclash, anyone?). All our Gewurztraminer is grown in our Tinhorn Creek Vineyard (Golden Mile Bench) and it thrives there. Being on the west side of the valley, our Gewurztraminer vines are shaded from the late afternoon sun which allows the grapes to hold in the fruit flavours. We are renewing part of our Tinhorn Creek Vineyard and will be planting another four acres of Gewurztraminer.  

The 2009 Gewurztraminer is once again slightly drier than the previous vintage, but is still bursting with flavours and aromas. Rose petals combine with spice and lychee to create an enticing bouquet. Rose petals, spice, lychee combine with hints of peach and melon on the palate. Our Gewurztraminer goes well with spicy Asian and Indian dishes or try it with prosciutto and melon, or grilled prawns.

Are you going to be in the South Okanagan this spring or summer? Be sure to check out the events we are holding in our amphitheatre.




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