Wildfires in California Wine Country and Cannabis Wines Video


Why are winemkers wary of cannabis producers?

What exactly is minerality in wine?

What’s the latest on the Sonoma wildfires?

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Peter Neilson31:32 Our son just messaged us from San Francisco. They just lifted the evacuation orders from Healdsburg to the coast, so most of the wine areas have been spared. Great news!
Tom Dean43:49 I say I’m a “one glass at dinner” French-Canadian, but my wife seems to drink my last-half of the glass before I notice. That must be my “moderation”
Darryn Varey25:39 Both a taste and a mouthfeel to me. If you’ve had a sip of salt water, you have a good idea of what minerality is like.
Gus Clemens30:00 Acidity plays a major part, so can saline—assyrtiko is great example. It is not actually minerals, it just is the illusion/sensation of chalk and minerals and salt. But that does not mean it is actually minerals, because grapes absorb water, not minerals.

Gus Clemens34:13 Wine tastes like wine. Our descriptive words are metaphors.

Tom Dean32:57 Wonderful news Peter…

Tom Dean10:57 rainy and cold… typical october halloween weather
Gus Clemens40:43 Wine is the liquid part of a good meal.
Gus Clemens22:41 Extra tricky, exactly.
Peter Neilson4:15 That’s what it says.



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