The 5 Worst Questions to ask a Sommelier Video

wine glass xIn the video below, Tom Vigeant, the coordinator of the Sommelier Certificate Program at La Cité collégiale, answers the 5 worst questions that you can ask a sommelier …

1. Are you going to try to sell me an expensive wine?

2. Shouldn’t I just order your cheapest wine on the list, that’s the best value right?

3. I’m on a date and have a price in mind, but don’t know which wine. Are you going to make me say the price out loud to help me choose?

4. You recommended a wine to me, I’m tasting it and I don’t like it. It’s my fault for not being as sophisticated as you are?

5. Do I have to tip you separately from the server, and if so, how much? Is there a limit if I’m ordering an expensive wine?

Yuo can also watch our second video chat about La Cité Collégiale Sommelier Program.

Tom VTom Vigeant’s wine tasting and discovery guide, Dégustations entre amis: Découvrir, partager et comprendre le vin will be published in French by Québec Amérique and available in stores across Quebec and for download on Amazon, iTunes and Kobo in October 2013.

You can find out more about Tom by visiting his website at You can also follow him on Twitter @SommelierTom or Facebook at

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