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What a terrific chat with Kevin Brauch, Food Network TV Celebrity Host!

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Click on the arrow above to hear ​Kevin’s story about his visit to Stellenbosch.

Watch previous episodes  of the Sunday Sipper Club (SSC) and find out who’s coming up next.

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Here’s a sampling of our lively discussion from our tasting…

Danielle Oke12:19 Natalie–do you remember when Travis sabred that smaller bottle when doing a video with you? Eek! Still getting champagne off items in my living room!
Paul E Hollander
Paul E Hollander56:27 They should drop the food game shows. We watch Cooking Channel over the Food Network because of that.
Paul E Hollander
Paul E Hollander0:00 We are going on a river cruise to Bordeaux August 2018. Would love to go on one of his.
Gwen Barton
Gwen Barton6:14 Love Cava when celebrating with 19 and 20 year old children- need a value sparkling 
Danielle Oke
Danielle Oke51:03 Thank you Kevin and Natalie–so fun to watch!!
Paul E Hollander
Paul E Hollander6:57 I have opened bottles like that myself years ago.

Danielle Oke
Danielle Oke19:51 OMG–Kevin! Serious champagne injury there!
Gwen Barton
Gwen Barton47:31 Scottish whine= bagpipes
Gwen Barton
Gwen Barton20:23 Another tip- if sabring outside- make sure someone is watching where the top lands …so it can be retrieved
Gwen Barton
Gwen Barton15:12 We uber chill the neck before sabring- heard that helps ensuring success
Paul E Hollander
Paul E Hollander11:56 Yes, it was. When I was in the US Navy stationed in Italy.



Segura Viudas Brut Reserva Cava
Penedes, Spain







Gwen Barton
Gwen Barton33:52 Stubbies are making a come back… for those who like ‘retro’
Danielle Oke
Danielle Oke30:23 then thank goodness there are no Dutch wines
Danielle Oke
Danielle Oke26:42 i was wondering about the why of the cage
Danielle Oke
Danielle Oke16:08 can you imaging trying a split? DANGER!
Danielle Oke
Danielle Oke43:13 nice–bravery around wine
Henry of Pelham Winery Baco Noir 2016
Niagara Escarpment, Ontario VQA, Canada
Danielle Oke
Danielle Oke11:26 Don’t sabre a small bottle!
Danielle Oke
Danielle Oke15:37 a half?
Danielle Oke
Danielle Oke32:07 genuine appreciation
Danielle Oke
Danielle Oke16:34 Cava is great–we drink it a lot
Danielle Oke
Danielle Oke16:14 good idea to chill
Nicole Lougheed
Nicole Lougheed16:49 Hi Kevin – great sabring tips!
KWV Cathedral Cellar Shiraz 2014
Western Cape W.O., South Africa
Paul E Hollander
Paul E Hollander46:03 Uh, yes we do with craft beer. Patti and I go to beer tastings at breweries. We are ambidrinkous.
Nicole Lougheed
Nicole Lougheed51:01 Totally agree re the waiters corkscrew. I always carry one in my purse for wine emergencies 
Bob Levesque
Bob Levesque0:00 Great show. Kevin was an amazing guest.


Kevin Brauch


Bartender (Mixologist)…World Traveler…(Host of Thirsty Traveler & Co-Host Iron Chef America TV series)


100% Client Satisfaction! I aim to excel at a quality establishment where I can best utilize my skills & knowledge, to the restaurant’s success & enjoyment of the patrons.


Mixologist/ Bartender, Bar Consultant
AVIV MEDITERRANEAN, Currently part time/ on-call (2015-2017)
(Neighbourhood bistro w/busy pre/post Tarragon Theatre crowd. High turnover specializing in cocktails, craft beers, European wines and espresso coffees.)

Bartender, Cocktail List Creator
THE CEILI COTTAGE, Seasonal, Events, On-Demand
(One of Leslieville’s busiest & popular establishments. Draught, craft beers, cocktails and a 100+ whisk(e)y bottle collection keeps everyone on their toes.)

Head Mixologist/ Bartender, Oyster Shucker, Bar & Bottles & Cocktail List Consultant
PEARL DIVER (formerly STARFISH Oyster & Grill) (January 2015 – September 2015)
(Shucking oysters an additional responsibility to creating cocktails, pulling local, craft pints and selecting wines. Post-dinner drinks also a draw for patrons.)

Kevin Brauch




Corby’s, Diageo, PMA, Brown Foreman, Beam Global, David’s Tea, Fairmont Hotels, enRoute Magazine, Spearhead Brewery, Kensington Brewing Company


UMASS Amherst Culinary & Mixology Depts., Tales of the Cocktail (New Orleans), Shanghai Hilton, World Gourmet Summit (Singapore)


* Gourmet Food & Wine (Toronto, Niagara Falls) – Lecturer, “Tutored Tastings” (2004-present)
* Canadian Club Hide-A-Case Campaign (Worldwide) – Expedition Leader to Australia, New Zealand, Tonga (2010)
* Finlandia World Vodka Cup (Finland, North Pole) – Cocktail Competition Judge (2008)
* Nightclub & Bar Convention & Trade Show (Las Vegas) – Keynote Speaker, Cocktail Competition Judge (2007-2011)
* Tales of the Cocktail (New Orleans) – Spirit Ambassador (2006-2009)

Kevin Bauch and Friend


* Master of Rum Certificate (ARC), May 2015 * Continuing work on WSETs, Level 1 Wine, Level 2 Spirits, June 2016


Most of my broadcast, professional and hospitality career(s) have focused on culinary arts, spirits, wine, beer and travel.

Best known for work on Food Network’s: The Thirsty Traveler and Iron Chef America, Discovery Channel’s: MegaWorld and TVO Kids.

Cultivated relationships with high-profile chefs, critics & restaurateurs, who believe I’d make a valuable asset to any restaurant or bar.


Kevin Brauch – Relaxing

Kevin (Thirsty Traveller/Iron Chef etc.)

Tell us a little bit about what you are currently up to/have in the works etc… Do you have a canned bio that you prefer we use?

– Food Truck Confessions (TV)

– Will Work for Food (TV)

– Public Speaking (Corporate)

– Beer Dinners, Restaurant Consultation, talks of maybe even a brewery…

Over your career, you’ve had the opportunity to travel the world. What are some of your favourite places to eat, drink and be merry – and why?

* NYC – Steak frites, tuna tartare, pies (aka pizza) kinda almost anything and a very soft ‘last-call’
(Spotted Pig, Pastis, EO, PDT, Balthazar)

* Taipei – chicken head soup, lots of noodles and lots of beer (and beer games)
(The Sherwood Hotel)

* Shanghai – street vendor soup dumplings
(anywhere, everywhere)

* Basel, Cheval Blanc – every single bit of it (Michelin 3* restaurant)

* Toronto (no further info needed… everywhere)

Wine, beer, cocktails? What’s your poison of choice?

ANSWER: “D” – All of the above


– French Whites with a lot of mineralogy
– Gorgeous Reds
– Spanish Cava
– Vesper cocktail
– Quality Craft Pilsners
– Gin Martinis
– (I’m running out of room…)

Kevin Brauch – Sabering

When we think of cheese, we may immediately think ‘wine pairings’ but what are some other, perhaps, unexpected combos that go well together? (beer with… a type of spirit that pairs well with Switzerland cheeses?)

– Biff’s, a GastroPub in Toronto (O&B), Former Chef Amanda Ray introduced a Fondue evening……. everything we had, apples, fruit, the various and many meats went both with the white wine and the Belgian beers and German Hefeweizen and the Swiss cheeses

Have you travelled through/to Switzerland? When you were there what did you do/see/experience in terms of culinary.

Yes – four times. However, as comfortable as I am there, it’s still unfamiliar to me…. maybe a 5th time is in order.

The Alps, Zermat, Basel, Zurich, Bern, Lausanne, Geneva, Christmas Market River Cruise through Switzerland, Germany and Alsace

The Thirsty Traveler – Absinthe episode

Megaword (Discovery Channel) to better understand Football (Soccer) Stadium recovery and refurbishment for the Euro
I WENT TO CERN!!!!!!!!!

Kevin Brauch

What types of “swiss” cheese do you like to use in recipes or prepare or serve at home/for friends and family etc. and why?

– Fondue
– Raclette
– Emmental
– Jarlsberg

What are the most interesting factoids or tidbits about Switzerland cheeses that you think might be intriguing to the public? (This could be health/nutrition facts, history of etc. or related to culinary etc.)

I love Roger Federer. And Swiss Absinthe (the green fairy).

If you had to give up one or the other, chocolate or cheese, which would it be and why? (this might be a trick question)…

Uh…….. cheesy chocolate?

The sophisticated taste and experience of cheese will always outweigh the fun, silly pleasures of chocolate (sorry, Lindt Chocolates, you are lovely!)

Whenever I watch my absolute most favourite tennis player in the world, RF….. Swiss Legend, Roger Federer, it is always with Spanish Cava, French Champagne…. and a wonderful board of primarily Swiss cheese(s), crackers, fruit, meat, olives. It is my guilty pleasure.

Do I really have to give up chocolate?

Kevin Brauch

Kevin Brauch, The Thirsty Traveler, Iron Chef America, Megaword (Discovery, HD Theatre)
YOU TUBE CHANNEL: Thirsty With A Twist
YOU TUBE CHANNEL: Thirsty Traveler (Full Episodes)
TWITTER: @DrinkingRobot @ThirstyTwist
FACEBOOK: Kevin Brauch
INSTAGRAM: kevinbrauch




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