6 Spring Wines You Should Try This Season + Food Pairings

Spring has sprung and as we cast off the heavy sweaters and coats, it’s also time to lighten up our wine wardrobe.

Here to share what’s in fashion with vinos this season is Natalie MacLean who offers North America’s most popular online wine classes at nataliemaclean.com


So nice to see you, Natalie! Can you give us a bit of an overview of what trends we’re seeing in the wine world this spring?



· Today we’re talking about Riesling, Rosé, and Gamay!

· They’re all wines meant to be consumed young, rather than aged.

· They’re fresh and lively, perfect for spring and throughout the summer.



We’re starting with Riesling. Why have you chosen it to kick things off?


· Riesling is experiencing a re-birth: it’s no longer sugary sweet and insipid, but now made in styles that are dry or off-dry with just a touch of natural sweetness like these wines we have here today.

· They’re among the most versatile wines when it comes to food pairing.

· Riesling is patio perfect!


The first Riesling we’re trying is from Germany. Tell us about it while we give it a taste.


Bend in the River Riesling is from Germany and offers aromas of fresh peach and lemon.





The Bend in The River Riesling
Pfalz, Germany





Germany is considered the benchmark for Riesling as it’s the country’s iconic white wine grape and planted in one quarter of vineyards there. The country actually produces 45% of all Riesling in the world.


Our next Riesling is from BC. Why did you choose to highlight this one?

This one is from Quails’ Gate in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. Our cool climates in both BC, Ontario and Nova Scotia create the ideal conditions for Riesling.





Quails’ Gate Estate Winery Dry Riesling
Okanagan Valley, British Columbia BC V.Q.A., Canada





This one from Quails’ Gate is vibrant with lime zest aromas. It’s perfect for patio sipping and the lighter fare we eat in the spring like field greens and seafood. You’ll want to serve it chilled for refreshment and it’s just 10% alcohol.



Next up we’re talking Rosé which never seems to go out of style. Why is that?

· It’s true, rosé is always en vogue. Rosé all day, right? But it’s never more popular than as winter-weary wine lovers welcome spring.

· There’s no need to age them, they’re ready to drink when you are.





Our first Rosé is from Italy. I’m excited to give it a taste!

The Fantini Calalenta Rosé is from the Abruzzo region of Italy. It’s made in a pale style from Merlot grapes. It features aromas of field strawberry and watermelon.






Fantini Calalenta Rosè 2020
Abruzzo, Italy




It’s perfect as an aperitif or companion to delicate seafood dishes and fresh cheeses.



Next you have a Californian wine for us to try.

Absolutely. Georges and Daniel Daou grow Grenache grapes for their Daou Rosé on steep, clay-and-limestone mountain slopes of California’s Coastal Range. You’ll find lovely aromas of pear, watermelon and rose petal.




Daou Rosé 2020
Paso Robles, California, United States





This would be perfect with grilled chicken or veggies.


If red is more your style, you say it’s Gamay all the way this spring. Why is that?

· Gamay is a lovely spring wine because it’s not heavy like Cabernet and Shiraz, but it’s still packed with flavour.

· No big furry tannins, oak and alcohol.

· These reds are also meant to be consumed young.


First we’re trying a Gamay from France. Tell us about this one.

We have the George DuBoeuf Gamay Nouveau from Beaujolais, France. To the North of this region in Burgundy, the signature grape is Pinot Noir, which shares many characteristics with Gamay in that it’s also smooth and medium-bodied. Gamay, however, is usually much less expensive.





Georges Duboeuf Gamay Nouveau 2021
Beaujolais, France





This one has aromas of fleshy ripe berries and spice. It would be amazing with Portobello mushrooms.


Last up we’re tasting a Canadian wine. What do we have here?

· Yes, we have the Eastdell Gamay from Niagara. Gamay is also one of of Canada’s specialties wine-wise. This one is bursting with bing cherry notes.





EastDell Gamay Noir 2019
Niagara Peninsula, Ontario V.Q.A., Canada






Natalie, thank you for sharing these wonderful spring wines with us today. Cheers everybody! We’ll be right back.





Shared with permission from CTV.






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