Video: Wine Industry Must Adapt or Face Digital Darwinism


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Discover why Paul says we’ve become a digital society and how that impacts the wine industry.

Listen to Paul’s ideas about helping wineries look into the future to connect with consumers.

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In the video below, Paul Mabray talks about wine and social media. He sparked international debate with his comment that wineries will experience digital Darwinism if they continue to just watch their customers migrate away from traditional sales and communication channels.

He shares insights on why Social-Local-Mobile is so critical for the wine industry. You can also now watch part two of our conversation that focuses on mobile apps and making sense of social media conversations.

A Digital Think Tank for the Wine Industry: That’s how Paul Mabray describes his Napa-based consulting company that uses strategy and technology to solve problems in a complex category.

Paul has been working in the wine and technology industries for 17 years and has been a guest lecturer at University of California’s Berkley School of Business, UC Davis that has trained winemakers around the world, as well as at many international conferences.

– the decline of print wine columns and influence

– where do wine consumers get their info?

– traditional wine & food shows are a events waste of marketing funds

– “social”: engagement, tips, sharing

– “local”: findability, store locator, stock

– “mobile”: on the go, you find me

– but how to measure it? does it translate into sales?

– content is the future of advertising

Paul Mabray, VinTank

As Chief Strategy Officer, Paul’s leadership is the driver for the overall vision, strategic direction and product development for the company but is also the main contributor to clientele projects. Handling all of the business development, allows him to be in a key position to connect emerging technologies for our clients, data partners and the wine industry.

Paul has been in the wine and spirits industry for over seventeen years. He has worked for Napa Ale Works, Niebaum~Coppola, WineShopper/ and also was the North American Beverage Consultant for Sumitomo Corporation of America from 2002 through 2005. He founded Inertia in 2002 as one of the first major companies established to bridge the barrier between wineries and their customers.

Paul Mabray was CEO from 2003 until 2008 creating the largest and most powerful e-commerce platform for the wine industry, the Rethink Engine.

Under his leadership, Inertia created incredible new products for the wine industry to help open up the ability to sell and market direct including the innovative Direct to Trade, ReThink Compliance, Brix Open Source CMS, Marketplace Enablement, and many more. For his last six months at Inertia, Paul was Chief Strategy Officer and EVP of Business Development in charge of creating key strategic direction, business development, and mergers and acquisitions. VinTank is a continuation of his desire to help revolutionize the wine industry through e-business and innovative digital products and marketing.

A key contributor to the Inertia blog, a two time American Wine Blog Awards finalist, he has also been a guest lecturer at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, UC Davis and many other symposiums, seminars, blogs, and periodicals for his leadership in the wine industry.

Paul formerly sat on the Board of Directors for the wine business social network which was sold to FOHBOH, and the Board of Advisors for,, and (which was purchased by VinTank).

He lives in Napa with his son Finn.

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3 thoughts on “Video: Wine Industry Must Adapt or Face Digital Darwinism

  1. I am a huge Paul Mabray fan. Always interested in his take on the industry and this interview didn’t let me down. Thanks for posting your chat with him and looking forward to Part II.

  2. I had a chance to watch the video, I found it interesting.

    My favorite comment was that when you google something, it won’t bring up the stuff that you are not looking for… Whether it’s a wine or a wine writer.

    I also haven’t found that wineries have been slow at getting online (especially in Ontario). Most of the wineries (the smaller ones anyways) are quite active on Twitter and Facebook… some of the larger wineries have been slower at adopting this technology. HOWEVER, when you take a look at who is following the wineries and the wine writers on twitter and it’s like minded people. I think the biggest challenge is connecting with people who are just trying to figure out what to buy on the weekend.

    just my .02

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