Drinkin’ the Green: Matching Vegetables with Wine

Irish Motif 2Matching Green Food & Wine

Green food and green wine go well together: vegetables dance with wines that have herbal, grassy aromas, such as New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

In fact, if there were an award for Veggie Wine of the Century, it would go to this one. Not only does it asparaguspeashave complementary aromas of asparagus and canned peas, but it also has bright citrus notes that complement most vegetables.

While white wines often work better than red wines with vegetables, light reds like Pinot Noir and Gamay also work because they have soft tannins, juicy berry flavors and good acidity.

Big reds like Shiraz and Cabemet Sauvignon can

end up fighting with veggies, because their robust tannins clash with the natural compounds and flavors in vegetables.

My top 10 green food and wine matches below as well as my favourite wines for vegetarian meals in stores now:

1. Field greens salad and Sauvignon Blanc

2. Avocado and Pinot Grigio

3. Asparagus and Grüner Veltliner

4. Green peas and Pinot Blanc

5. Zucchini and Chenin Blanc
6. Artichoke and Verdicchio
7. Green tomatoes and Pinot Noir

8. Broccoli and Riesling
9. Bell pepper and Gamay

10. Green melon and Moscato d’Asti

Get hundreds more pairings in the free Wine Mobile App plus lots of recipes for those planning an Irish-themed meal:


You’ll find more articles on pairing vegetables and wine by clicking on that tag below and well as a video on this topic with tips from the owner of Zen Kitchen, well-respected vegetarian restaurant.



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