Unquenchable Paperback Published: New Chapter with Book + Wine Pairings

The paperback edition of Unquenchable has just been published and is in bookstores and online (both paperback and e-book versions). It includes a new tongue-in-cheek chapter on wine and book pairings … you can get a taste of them in this video.

You can also get personalized, signed bookplates that you can affix to the book as a holiday gift for someone or for yourself. Just e-mail me your receipt for the book(s) at natdecants@nataliemaclean.com and I’ll mail you the bookplates signed to the people you like …

Pair it with a wine for a thoughtful book-and-bottle gift set or with a gift subscription to my wine reviews for a family or friends who love vino, or the boss who is considering your raise, your clients who are considering renewing their business with you next year, the teacher who is about to write your child’s mid-term report card, the neighbour who takes in your mail when you’re away …

You can tell me what I write, I can make something up or keep it fairly generic such as “Best holiday wishes” and I’ll sign it. I’m happy also to do this for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, congratulations, thank-you gifts, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s day, Father’s Day, National Pancake Day …























If you’re interested in buying hard copies of Unquenchable and/or Red, White and Drunk All Over (my first book), please e-mail me at natdecants@nataliemaclean.com.

You can read reviews of Unquenchable here.



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