Importing Wine for Pleasure & Profit Seminar

IWFP&P Toronto 2012 EM

Spirits & Beer
Presented by
C.S. Trenholme & Associates

Saturday June 8, 2013
The Old Mill Inn & Spa – Toronto
9:30 AM – 4:00 PM

Learn how to import wines, spirits and beers for your own collection or as a fascinating business opportunity. During this one-day seminar, you will be guided through the process of importing beverage alcohol in a professional, and entertaining manner.

This seminar is organized in two parts. The morning session has been prepared especially for those individuals who have little or no knowledge of the wine, spirit and beer importing business. At the conclusion of the morning session, those in attendance will understand the dynamics of the industry and will be in a position to organize private imports for their personal consumption. Attendees will be prepared to determine if beverage alcohol importing is the right choice for them as a new full or part-time career.

During the afternoon, the speakers will discuss the various marketing channels open to import agents. While this will allow newcomers to our industry an opportunity to determine which is the most suitable approach to take, we believe that the material presented will be of great value to existing agents. The valuable information available at this seminar may assist agents to secure more listings; thereby, improving the long-term growth potential of their companies. We believe that this small investment in time and money will increase the participant’s competitive advantage in today’s business environment.
Those attending the seminar will have the opportunity to discuss and share their experiences working with suppliers and the LCBO.

More so than any other consumer product industry, the alcoholic beverage industry has the ability to weather periods of slow or negative economic growth. During their 2012 Calendar year, the LCBO sold over $2.8 billion worth of imported alcoholic beverages. A 4% increase over the previous calendar year, this in a challenging economic environment.

Topics that will be covered during the seminar are:

Morning Session:
> Bringing wines (spirits or beers) back from abroad when travelling
> Placing Private Import Orders with the LCBO
> Where to find new and interesting wines, spirits and beers
> How to start your own successful import agency
> Determining the best strategy for new product development.
> How to negotiate with suppliers
> Marketing channels – which are the best for you and your suppliers.
> Opportunities as a Consignment and/or Private Stock Agent
> Employment opportunities in the beverage alcohol industry

A light lunch will be served.

Afternoon Session:
> How alcohol products are priced
> Agent commissions and promotional allowances
> Ordering samples
> Dealing effectively with the LCBO
> Selecting the right products for today’s market
> How the LCBO selects products and how to increase your chances of success
> Vintages – a lucrative market
> Determining the best strategy for a new product launch.
> Working with LCBO wine consultants – how to find sales support at store level.
> Working with the media
> Other provincial markets: Privatization, Options & Opportunities
> Presentation by guest speaker

The seminar will be directed by:

C. Steven Trenholme – is the principal of CS TRENHOLME & ASSOCIATES an international Sales & Marketing Consulting firm supporting the beverage alcohol industry.  Mr. Trenholme is involved in all facets of agency management, supplier relations and assists with LCBO negotiations.  He is a consultant to the French, German, Italian, Spanish, South African, Australian and Mexican governments as well as a number of important wine, spirits and beer producing firms.

Registration Fees
$325.00 includes  HST
plus course material, lunch, and 30 days of post-seminar online support.

For further information, please email: CS Trenholme & Associates



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