Having a Good Friend Bring You Along on Her Wine-Soaked Adventures – Living In The Kitchen With Puppies

A Tipsy Quest for the World’s Best Bargain Wines
Written by Natalie MacLean
Hardcover, 368 pages

Also available as an eBook

When I was young, wine seemed so grown up. It had its own glass and everything. At that point I knew 4 types of wine: red, white, pink and bubbly. I bought cheap wine because.. it was cheap. This is how most of us begin our wine journey.

As I grew up I learned a little more about wine. I have incorporated it into my life like a good friend and while I might not know much if you stand me beside an expert – I have learned a few things along the way.

I have even read a couple of books on wine. Let me tell you – a book on wine can be drier than chalk. I  generally end up reading the same paragraph four times and then falling asleep. (And this is without the addition of an actual glass of wine by my side.)

Until I discovered Natalie MacLean. I read Red, White, and Drunk All Over about five years ago and it both tickled and educated me at the same time. Reading Natalie’s books is like having a good friend bring you along on her wine-soaked adventures.

Natalie never forgets one of the most important things about wine – it’s fun!

In her new book, Unquenchable, she travels to eight different wine-producing regions to discover what makes them unique. She focuses on a few wineries from each place, tasting their wares from the highest offerings to the bargain bottles. (It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it.)

By identifying the reliable producers of good table wines, she is able to discover and recommend a fine variety of budget-friendly bottles for your collection. After all, wine should not be the prerogative of the very wealthy, nor should it be so rarefied as to be only consumed on major holidays.

The chapters include:
A Nose for a Bargain: Opening Thoughts
1. Sunday: The Wine Wizards of Oz
2. Monday: The Unbearable Lightness of German Riesling
3. Tuesday: Helicopters, Hawks, and Hellacious Ladybugs
4. Wednesday: The Cape Crusaders of Africa
5. Thursday: Vino Under the Volcano
6. Friday: A Smouldering Liquid Tango
7. Saturday: A Storm of Pleasure in Every Port
8. Sunday: La Vie en Rosé en Provence

Drinking My Words: Closing Comments

But I have to say my very favourite thing about Natalie MacLean’s books is her inviting manner of weaving intimacy and humour with knowledge. You feel like you have made a friend when you read her books, and in a way you have.

Her website acts as an interactive companion to her books. At http://www.nataliemaclean.com/ you can find wine and food pairings, wine ratings, insider wine tips, and access to her free newsletter. You’ll never feel stuck again!


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