Bold & Savoury Cheese Plate with Slow Press Cabernet Sauvignon

Send out the group text and open a bottle of Slow Press Cabernet Sauvignon, this assortment of bold and savory snacks are sure to be a crowd pleaser.

A little something for everyone, this Cabernet Sauvignon inspired combo of aged Gouda and sharp white cheddar is balanced with briny olives and sliced salami. Finish the evening with a sweet treat of fresh strawberries and decadent dark chocolate truffles.

Prep Time:

15 minutes


1 wedge aged Gouda
1 wedge Pecorino sheep’s milk
1 block aged white cheddar
½ cup Castelvetrano olives
¾ lb. thinly sliced salami
1 cup roasted walnuts
½ cup tomato chutney
fresh strawberries
dark chocolate truffles
crispy bread and crackers


Start by adding 3 cheeses to board: aged Gouda, Pecorino sheep’s milk, and aged white cheddar.

Add the 3 savory extras: Castelvetrano olives, salami, and roasted walnuts.

Finish with 3 sweet complements: tomato chutney, strawberries, and dark chocolate truffles.

Don’t forget the crispy bread and crackers.

This post is sponsored by Slow Press Wines who provided the recipe.



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