Versatile Vinho Verde: Spring Splendor in the Glass

Last night, we were joined by special guest, Pedro Costa, Head Winemaker of Aveleda Winery chatting about his Vinho Verde wines and why they’re such a great wine style for spring.

This was actually a 2-part video series as I managed to melt down my computer’s CPU with multiple simultaneous broadcasting streams to Facebook Live, Twitter Live vis Periscope and YouTube Live Stream ;)

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Vinho Verde wines hail from the northern region of Minho in Portugal. Spritely aromas and acidity along with low alcohol makes them perfect for warmer weather and spring fare.

Vinho Verde, translates to “green wine” so named not because the wine has a green colour, but rather because it should be enjoyed when youthful, just as someone who is young is s often described as green.

The Minho region is influenced by the cool breezes from the Atlantic Ocean. Vnies have been cultivated here since the ancient Phoenicians and Romans.




More than 25 grapes are permitted to be used in making of Vinho Verde, but several indigenous varietals are popular for their distinctive qualities: Loureiro for floral aromas, Paderna for nervy acidity, Trajadura for citrus notes and Alvarinho for body and richness.

Great pairings include fresh seafood, shellfish, salty snacks, vegetarian dishes and spicy fare.


white wine lemons limes 620Editor’s Note: We’re including this excellent article below by sommelier Melissa Pulvermacher, who wrote this piece based on a separate event with the winery.

One of the most common questions I get is: “Which wine do you recommend for everyday drinking?”

Special occasions, grand dinners and celebratory bottles require more thought, consideration and often more money. Most of us, however, are more interested in finding that perfect bottle of wine that is easy, delicious and affordable for everyday drinking.


Quinta Da Aveleda Vinho Verde has always been my go-to white wine before and after my wine education. Through University, I started drinking Aveleda because of how well the $10.95 LCBO price-point agreed with my student budget, but even now that I don’t have to stretch my pennies as far, I’d never argue with paying $10 for a good bottle of wine… I mean who would?

For a third consecutive year, Quinta da Aveleda has been listed among the Top 3 of Wine Enthusiast magazine’s Top 100 Best Buys.

AveledaQuinta da Aveleda is produced in Penafiel, Portugal with 2 grape varieties – Loureiro and Alvarinho. The Aveleda Winery was founded in 1870 and has been family-owned ever since. Aveleda is now considered Portugal’s largest producer and exporter of white wines.

This wine is crisp, refreshing and vivacious. The nose is dominated by aromatic white flowers that follow through to the palate with added notes of green apple, citrus and a puckering acidity that cleanses the palate and leaves the drinker refreshed and longing for more.

I could certainly recommend that this wine be enjoyed with fresh salads and lights appetizers, but in all honesty, it can be drunk and enjoyed any night of the week, all on its own.

Alongside the Quinta da Aveleda, for those who like their wine a little sweeter, you’ll find Aveleda’s regular Vinho Verde in the LCBO for $9.95. This wine is loaded with candied apple and citrus fruit notes and has a light and refreshing carbonation spritz to it. This wine is packaged in a tall, skinny hock bottle as opposed to the bordeaux bottle and can be found in the Portuguese wine section. Both wines are great value options for easy drinking.

VinhoVerde, iYellow

After joining with like-minded wine lovers at the iYellow Wine Cave to celebrate our love for this delicious Aveleda wine with selected cheese pairings including Grey Owl goat’s milk cheese, Manchego sheep’s milk cheese and Saint-Andre Triple Creme, the best revelation was the outstanding versatility of this wine with and without food.

Throughout the evening, as I listened to the buzzing crowd of sommeliers, wine professionals and everyday consumers, I realized this was no longer my best-kept secret. It’s no secret that this wine is easy-drinking, simple and generally adored by everyone.

It’s about time we shout from the rooftops and share in the great value find that is Aveleda Vinho Verde.


About Melissa Pulvermacher

Melissa is an Independent Wine & Spirits Consultant, Sommelier, Feature Wine Columnist and founder of The Vino Enthusiasts Wine Club. Melissa is educated through The Wine and Spirit Education Trust and is passionate about all things food and wine.



Pedro Costa

I was born in Porto, the city where I currently live. My mother is a teacher and my father was an agricultural engineer.

My passion for viticulture and winemaking was born inside me quite early, as I used to follow my father while managing our family property in Guimarães – a town located 30 minutes away from Porto.

In 2001, after high school, I went to study winemaking to “Universidade de Tras-os-Montes e Alto Douro” located in Vila Real, within the Douro wine region and while I was at that, I went on an Exchange programme to the “Faculté d’ Oenologie de Bordeaux”. While there, I got the chance to work as an intern at Château Calon (Saint Emilion) and Château Reynon, the famous château that was the property and home to the highly reputed winemaker Mr. Denis Dubourdieu.

I then came back to Portugal to finish my degree and start a period of acquiring more experience on the wine business through getting to know different realities of the business. Here’s what I did for the next few years:

2006: Internship at Château Montelena, Napa Valley, USA
2007: Internship at Viña Errazuriz, Aconcagua, Chile
2008-2009: Post graduation on Viticulture at Sup-AGRO – Montpellier, France
2009: Internship at Viña De Martino, Isla del Maipo, Chile
2010: Started working for Aveleda

At Aveleda I was in charge of the winemaking for all of our products until mid 2015. As the company grew, we felt it was time to reorganize and increase our staff. Currently, I’m responsible for our Bairrada wines, which leaves me more time to work on my other main responsibility which is to develop our R&D projects both on viticulture and winemaking.






Aveleda Vinho Verde 2015
Vinho Verde, Portugal









Aveleda Vinho Verde 2014









Aveleda Vinho Verde 2013
Vinho Verde, Portugal














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Here’s a sampling of lively discussion from our tasting …

Daryl Woods
Daryl Woods · 14:14 Just dropping in from Toronto to express my love of these wines. My favourite summer porch sipper. Casual and social. Love the little sparkle.


Tom Dean
Tom Dean · 1:58 Cambridge has the largest population of Portuguese from the Azores… great people.
Lori Kilmartin
Lori Kilmartin · 12:07 What is the climate like there?
Lori Kilmartin
Lori Kilmartin · 15:56 Yes – I have been to Portugal!!


Melanie Aubert
Melanie Aubert · 16:31 Definitely! VV is the perfect beach wine!


Jane Staples
Jane Staples · 16:05 Pedro-what is your favourite food pairing for Vinho verde?


Terra Duchene
Terra Duchene · 16:06 Yes! Enjoy many of them!


Jane Staples
Jane Staples · 1:56 Hi frm Ottawa with my glass of Quinta Da Aveleda Venho Verde


Stephen Andrews
Stephen Andrews · 7:47 Hi from LGA New York. Waiting for my flight. Hello Pedro.


Oenologize · 2:14Hi From Hamilton, Ontario, Canada! Welcome to Pedro!
Jane Staples · 16:05 Pedro-what is your favourite food pairing for Vinho verde?

Natalie MacLean · 5:55 Here are the wines we’re tasting tonight with Pedro Costa:…/aveleda-vinho-verde…/See More


Lucie Mercier
Lucie Mercier · 17:10 Vinho verde, is vacation, summer and happiness! Sooo fresh, crispy, refreshing. I have been to the wine region in Portugal and everybody should visit Portugal.


Jennifer Korwin-Kuczynski
Jennifer Korwin-Kuczynski · 39:31 Thank you Pedro and Natalie! I can’t wait to get myhands on a bottle!


Oenologize · 14:40 I’m curious to know, a prof once told me Vinho Verde has a special enclave of production. Do you produce a specific wine from this area? What are those wines like?


Lori Kilmartin
Lori Kilmartin · 1:59 Great timing Natalie with the lobster picture


Lori Kilmartin
Lori Kilmartin · 4:41 How many wines do you make and are they all Vinho Verde


Lori Kilmartin
Lori Kilmartin · 14:01 I loved my trip to Portugal! Drank a lot of Vinho Verde


Jennifer Korwin-Kuczynski
 Jennifer Korwin-Kuczynski · 30:45 The new label looks more new world to me
Jennifer Korwin-Kuczynski
Jennifer Korwin-Kuczynski · 27:53 Do the Roses from the region also have that effervescence?


Jennifer Korwin-Kuczynski
Jennifer Korwin-Kuczynski · 3:23 It certainly helps make every bite different


Oenologize · 30:15 Love the label! Highlights the Rose side of things


Jane Staples
Jane Staples · 4:32 Could be the blend of varietals


Jane Staples
Jane Staples · 22:59 Porto is so beautiful! I visited in 2015 and loved it!








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