A First Rate Writer, With a Warm, Engaging Style… Compulsively Readable – Gerald Asher

Gerald Asher is my favourite wine writer: elegant and effortless in his prose. In 1974, the French government awarded him the Order of the Mérite Agricole, France’s oldest Civil Award, and in 2009 he was inducted into California’s Vintners’ Hall of Fame.

His books, drawn mainly from his columns in Gourmet Magazine, for which he was the wine editor for 30 years, include On Wine, Wine Journal, Vineyard Tales, and The Pleasures of Wine. These are his thoughts on Unquenchable …

Natalie MacLean is a first rate writer, with a warm, engaging style.  Her interviews are excellent: she captures the essence of those she meets. I like the way she introduces the world at large into her writing, and the fact that she lists books for further reading that set the wines in their appropriate social and literary setting.

The charm of her writing, the insight she gives into the lives of the people she meets, her sharp eye for the telling physical details of the landscape all make this a lovely book, informative and compulsively readable. It must be giving many people a lot of pleasure.


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